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    I bought my 1988 S10 with no lower locks or power windows and the driver and passenger side exterior door locks were nonexistent. I ordered new locks and now that my doors apart I can’t even reach the door lock hole. Can anyone explain how to properly reach the hole.
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    Hello! Sorry if my question seems silly. The driver side front door on my 2003 S10 pickup truck needs to be replaced. I was wondering what other model/years doors would fit? Silverado? Blazer? Thank you in advance for your help!
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    Hi! I drive an 87 s10 Tahoe and it’s been my daily driver for the last two years. I am now going to school in Florida (originally from PA) and I want to make it more long-distance friendly. The doors I have have bad window seals and the windows are always coming off track. The driver side door...