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  1. S10 / Sonoma
    I tried swapping a 2000 year Guage cluster with a tach into my 98 without tachometer. It works but now the fuel and temperature guages don't work? Anyone know if this can be remedied?
  2. Heating and Air Conditioning
    ve searched around but havent found anything helpful so here goes. Its a 1988 S15 2.5 with the climate controls that slide up and down. The issue is the temp side will only slide about half way up and when I slide it to cool its still hot. Anyone else had this issue. Just trying to find any info...
  3. S10 / S15
    How’s it going, i live in Georgia and I’m trying to put together my s10 but the dash is cracked bad who has one , my interior is red so that is preferred. Does anyone know if the old one can be repaired ? and where
  4. Electrical / Lighting
    Replaced the battery in my truck and the Temp and Fuel Gauges went limp. Any suggestions?
  5. Electrical / Lighting
    The lights were not working in the instrument cluster so I decided to take it off. Well the bulbs are good but the circuit board thing is completely rusted away. It looks like it comes off but I have no idea how I would find a new one. Any ideas how to repair or replace this? Its an 1988 S10...
  6. S10 / Sonoma
    My auto repair shop cracked my bezel while installing my Alpine double din radio! (Yes, I knew modification was required.... Too, I realize the plastic is nearly 20yrs old., and yes, have always kept my truck under a carport cover, and I'm it's second owner since 2006). The owner/mechanic...
  7. Sound and Security
    So I’m putting aftermarket speakers in my 1999 s10 regular cab. When I took the stock speakers out I noticed the reason the driver side wasn’t working was because they’re no wires for a speaker and the speaker wasn’t even hooked up. I got my aftermarket speaker in the passenger side because it...
  8. Blazer / Bravada / Jimmy / Envoy
    i picked up a '95 Balzer a month ago and the pre-owner said the starter needed replacing and he had one but hadnt changed it yet. Issues it had that made me think it wasnt the starter Hard start but sluggish Flickering dash lights Rough idle So after about a month of having the truck i got...
1-8 of 8 Results