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  1. Crappy swap

    LSx Discussion
    I have recently bought a 97 rcsb s10 that has a 5.3 lm7 and a nv3500 installed. The person who done the swap done a bad job to say the least. When they done the swap they deleted all four of the o2 sensors and the knock sensors. I have not been able to hook up to the OBD2 port yet cause they...
  2. 4x4 to 4x2 manual trans conversion?

    Transmission & Rearend
    Hello pardners, My step dad has a sonoma with a blown motor thats been on his land for like 6 years (I dont know much on it but it should be anywhere from 98-2003 and it has a 4.3) that he gave me permission to cannibalize it for parts on my truck but the thing is my truck is a 4x2 with a 4l60E...
  3. 1992 S10 4x4 Axle swap

    4wd SFA
    So I've looked pretty hard, but I haven't found anything. I'll preface this post with what I WANT to do. What I want is to do a solid front axle swap for my 1992 S10. I know there are kits I can buy to do this, but I'm trying to keep this a "budget" build by refurbishing as many parts as...