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  1. Articles - Chassis
    So, I decided to make this just to get people's opinions. I love this S10 that I bought as a project, but now I'm really confronting its main problem, the frame. it's in a state where besides the rotten frame it would be a good drivable vehicle, but after going in with a hammer on it, I don't...
  2. 262ci Forum (4.3)
    Hi, so I have been having a intermittent no start problem with my 1998 S10 4.3L, and the distributor cap and rotor were corroded so I decided to replace with some cheap Amazon parts. Come today, I replaced it, and it runs horribly. I checked the firing order, and everything still runs bad. It's...
  3. Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Hi, so I just bought a 98 S10 4.3L V6 as a project. I was told by the previous owners that the brake line that broke is the one going from the engine bay to the back of the truck at the rear axle(the intermediate one?) My question is, is there 1 or 2 lines that go all the way down the truck to...
1-3 of 3 Results