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  1. S10 / Sonoma
    I have a 2001 chevy s10 ls, and I’ve considered installing remote start for the winter time to let it warm up in the mornings, and I’ve done some research on it but curious if you guys have any advise or recommendations on a brand I should go with.
  2. Electrical / Lighting
    I just bought a 2001 s10, and the wire from the abs pump to the module is detached and looks like it burned away, if I hold the wire up to the pump it arch’s (it’s now taped and the battery is dead anyway) but before I install the new pump and module I want to see if anyone knows if an...
  3. 2.5L - 1st gen 4-banging
    Can anyone tell me the spark plug gapping for a base model 1989 Chevy S10 2.5L 4 cyl?
  4. Electrical / Lighting
    Hey could you tell me where all the ground wires in a engine harness for a s10 2003 2200 4cylinder go?. Obviously the grounds have connector to be bolted but what about the 2 wires on 2 of the connectors and the 1 on the other connector (5 wires in total/3 ground connectors that need to be bolted)
  5. Transmission & Rearend
    Hey guys, could anyone point me to a good way to pop out the Detent pin holding the shifter rail on the Chevy trans, I’m trying to remove the bellhousing but that’s the last thing holding it on Thanks in advanced
  6. 262ci Forum (4.3)
    Hi Team. I'm creating a new thread to take a different approach at a problem I first raised in my post about the 2003 Chevy S10 cranking but not starting: 2003 4.3L Worked then won't Start I'm looking for your help on a systematic diagnosis approach to troubleshoot the conditions. Here are the...
  7. 262ci Forum (4.3)
    Hey guys. Well I have a 2000 s10 4.3 auto. I’ve replaced fuel pump, filter, tpms, ICV, new MAP, cleaned MAF, new plugs new wires. Virtually everything I can think of besides the spider injectiors. She’s got 190k on her and still strong. I just purchased it not long ago from someone who was...
  8. S10 / Sonoma
    I'm looking an door lock handle (picture) for the interior passenger side of my 1995 Chevy s10. I either need one or I need help on what to look up because I can't seem to find any of them online but I may just be not typing the correct key words. Thanks.
  9. Liftin' It General
    So, let me start off by saying first that this is my first project vehicle ever. My mechanic skills are early bird at best. (As in all I know is what I've touched in this truck) I want to lift this s10 up significantly, like shooting to be able to slap 34's/35's on there. Now, I've looked online...
  10. Interior Styling
    First post here, so please advise if allowed... I purchased a 93' S10 from a friend, and it has been needing a lot of TLC. So I began tearing it all apart to clean up the interior. The dashboard had the infamous cracks and lifting, and I just couldn't stand it. I was not about to simply put a...
  11. Electrical / Lighting
    So I bought a 2003 Chevy s10 ZR2 4.3L 5spd a couple months ago, when I got it only the passenger side tail light and passenger side license plate light worked. I went through all of the fuses and got all of my lights to work. After driving it some, the driver side tail light stopped working. The...
  12. S10 / Sonoma
    I'm not sure why I could be getting no spark. I had an aftermarket cd deck I installed in my truck and one day I had the truck running and I bumped the radio and the truck started to shut down so I wiggled the radio and the truck went back to running normal again. I later on switched out the...
  13. Electrical / Lighting
    96 Chevy s10 I just replaced steering column and shaft with 01 Blazer security issue has came up how do I reset this thing? Any possible answers or suggestions would be helpful
  14. Sound and Security
    Hi, this is my 1995 Chevrolet s10 extended cab and I am looking to replace/upgrade all four or the two front door speakers. Attached is also a picture of the radio I have (not stock). Anyone have good recommendations that are ideally under $40. I know absolutely nothing about speaker brands or...
  15. S10 / Sonoma
    Howdy folks, I am trying to change the fluid in my differential. 'G80' is present in the glove compartment codes, meaning that I have a G80 differential. Attached here is my rear differential. Btw, this is on a 1999 Chevy S10 LS 4wd with the 4.3 V6 And also, would 75w-90 gear oil with no LS...
  16. Electrical / Lighting
    Hey folks. Just got an s10 up and running and having some odd issues. Left blinker doesnt work at all. front or back and even the in dash indicator doesnt light up. left headlight wont turn on but the high beam does. also, fuel gauge and radio used to work and now the radio doesnt and the fuels...
  17. Articles - Engine, Core
    Hello everyone I have a 2003 Chevy s10 4.3 & recently I been having a problem where when the truck sits for 4 hours or so the truck doesn’t start unless I press the gas straight to the floor (fuel injected vehicle). After that it runs at high rpm and almost sounds like I have a cam (which I...
  18. Xtreme / ZQ8
    Has anyone installed a belltech rear sway bar on a 92 s10? Any advice would be helpful. My truck is a 2wd Tahoe. Thanks
  19. S10 / Sonoma
    I'm upgrading my 2002 chevy s10 and I want to get a bullbar just like this one. Anyone know what kind it is and the manufacture? Thanks
  20. S10 / S15
    Anyone know to take the driver side grab handle off I have tried different ways and not sure how to take it off I have tried to take off the speaker and cant do it and then the glove box off and nothing I tried the air vent but i cant get it to come off please help
1-20 of 24 Results