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catalytic converter

  1. S10 / S15
    I'm about to tackle some exhaust work on my '91 S10 pickup using a cheapo $100 Harbor Freight welder. It's a beater, not a restoration, so it doesn't need to look pretty; MIG would be preferable of course but flux core is what I've got. So my question: is the OEM cat stainless? I can't imagine...
  2. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    2000 2.2 s10, 270k miles So Ive been trying for along time fixing a p0171 code, (rough idle, rarely dies at a stop, slow accelleration and towards the end staryed bogging down on hills) replacing parts, new intake gasket, cleaning TB etc, till finally a coworker hooked up his fancy snapon code...
  3. S10 / S15
    I have a 4.3 s10 and I plan on getting a high flow cat, and was wondering if it will be louder straight piped or with the 40 series. I plan on dumping the exhaust in front of each rear wheel, maybe behind I don’t know yet. Any replies will be very appreciated!
  4. Exhaust
    I just replaced my rattling original cat on my 2000 S10 with a direct-fit aftermarket replacement. I had no idea what the torque specs for the bolts on the flanges were though, so I just played it safe and torqued them to 20 ft-lbs. I definitely have a small leak though because I can hear a...