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  1. Electrical / Lighting
    Okay I’ve read and read and read. I’ve searched all over many forums including this one with no luck. There are some similar cases out there but not quite like this... headlight switch is off, brake lights work. Parking lights on, brake lights work. Headlights on, brake lights don’t work. hold...
  2. Electrical / Lighting
    1999 S10 single cab 4.3 V6, 2WD 300,000 miles Rear driver side taillight works, but won't flash for turn signal or hazards. Was rapid blinking in the dash (and front driver side turn signal). Tried putting in a new relay and the rapid flashing stopped but the taillight still does not flash for...
  3. Electrical / Lighting
    I have a 99 Chevy LS S10 My taillights and reverse lights illuminated wen I press my brake peddle . I’ve replaced my multi switch and headlight switch wat could be causing this ?