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  1. Trucks For Sale
    I have a 99 2.2L 5pd LS. 45k miles. Zero rust but lots of dust because it has been in storage since 2003, honestly its a time capsule. I drove it here and there as work was completed and never had any issue. Recently changed a fuel pump and the battery is on a trickle charger. Lots of mods, lays...
  2. S10 / S15
    Been looking through a bunch of threads, but haven't really seen answers for what I am looking for. I have a frame from an 89 s-10 reg cab short bed and I am placing it under a 1953 Dodge B4B truck. It will be bagged and sit low enough (frame wise) to not have to change the tie rods, so about...
  3. S10 / S15
    1999 s10 bagged with stock rims rides fine occasionally I get the wabble so I air up front and back and it goes away. Now I fit 22” rims and I get a violent crab walk at 15 mph that does not go away. New to the bagged scene and I’ve been looking at different set ups and noticed I have a...
  4. Atila

1-5 of 5 Results