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  1. S10 / Sonoma
    2000 s10 was a 4cyl. When I turn on my headlights I cant use my turn signals. My turn indicators light up solid and so does my high beam indicator.
  2. LSx Discussion
    Hello all, I’ve been reading in this forum for years and I’m glad to have made the leap to become a member. - My current issue is that I cannot find headers to support my build. What I have now an 1984 S10 awd: LS2 na build making 640hp at the crank to a built 700r4 to a new modified BW 7742 awd...
  3. S10 / Sonoma
    so I have my awd turbo 5.3 (4l80e bw4472 t-case) and have recently installed a center console from a blazer. Im trying to get the "throw" correct so I dont have to go aftermarket. I want to keep the clean oem look if possible, ive seen threads asking the same but like usual nobody posted the...
  4. Blazer / Jimmy / Bravada
    I have a 94 Oldsmobile bravada. the 4.3 Vortec has made It a great grocery get'r, but I'm ready to step it up a notch! I have a 400hp budget built 350 ready to throw in the car. I know the 4l60e bolts right up, and I have the custom oil pan for the awd. from what I've read everything will bolt...
  5. Transmission & Rearend
    I’m planning on picking up a 98 blazer this week as a project. It’s 4.3, auto, 4x4. I’ve been researching the awd conversions and it’s pretty straight forward but a question arose in my mind. Why can’t you run 4hi full time? If the gear ratios are the same front and rear, what’s the issue with...
  6. Transmission & Rearend
    I have a 94 AWD Oldsmobile Bravada with C4 corvette wheels I’m putting a 350 in it but at 95mph is redlines and I can’t go any faster. Is there a cheaper way to increase the top speed without buying a $4k 6l80e lemme know
1-6 of 6 Results