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  1. Altenator wont charge

    V8 Discussion
    I recently bought an 83 s10 swapped with a throttle body 350. But they changed the throttle body out to carburated. The wires were a mess when I got it but we went through got rid of a bunch of unneeded b.s. Now I've got one problem. For the life of me I cant get the altenator to charge. I've...
  2. My battery keeps getting drained alternator? or battery?

    Electrical / Lighting
    Ive own my truck for 4 years previous owner put a sound system in there thats connects straight to the battery with an 8 gauge wire ive been through 3 batteries cause the system would drain it i put a new alternator in after first year now when i dont drive my truck more then 2 days battery...
  3. AD244 alternator and battery lamp in dash

    Sound and Security
    I just read the very long but infomative pinned thread "How to high output ad244 alternator for $80" and had a question. I have a 2002 Sonoma 4.3 vin W, 4WD. I currently have a new AC Delco CS130 alternator installed as I don't have any extra accessories added to the vehicle at this time. In the...