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  1. S10 / Sonoma
    2002 RW Single Cab 4.3 with 88,000 miles. My steering wheel is off center. If I’m in the leftmost lane on a one way street, or even the fast lane on the highway, it seems to be straight. If I’m in the right lane, its off about 15 to 20 degrees to the left, making the steering wheel straight...
  2. 4wd IFS
    I installed a 2.5 in RC lift kit and I am experiencing positive camber on the front right side of the truck. Can somebody enlighten me on how what causes positive camber? I’ve read that it’s a common issue among lifted 4x4s. The left side (drivers side) is perfectly fine though so I’m just...
  3. Articles - Chassis
    On my 98 s10 the bolts that hold the shims in are spinning and I have tried resorting to welding but I can’t really get a welder it there to get anything done does anyone have a part number or a link for the adjustment bolts
1-3 of 3 Results