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  1. Climate Control Switch in 1994 S10 LS

    Heating and Air Conditioning
    Hey all! I’m new here, and newly the owner of a 1994 S10 2.2L with the 5 speed std trans. I picked her up for a great price, runs and drives, at 234k miles. It needs maintenance (tires and brakes) and the only other ‘serious’ issue is the air conditioning doesn’t work. However I’m hoping I’ll...
  2. Is it possible to install AC in my 97?

    Heating and Air Conditioning
    My old man and I just bought a nice little 97. It's his 5th or 6th S10, so he knows quite a bit about them and prefers them over other fancy trucks. They're great!! Anyhow...... living in Southern California, it sure would be nice if it had AC. Is it possible to install AC when there wasn't any...
  3. New AC selector switch installed, now I'm having a really odd issue.

    Heating and Air Conditioning
    A couple weeks ago, my AC mode selector switch (used to select MAX A/C, NORM A/C, HTR, etc.) grenaded itself behind the dash and made my AC unusable on a hot afternoon after work. So after a bit of frustration, I get the switch and all of its components removed from inside the dash. With the...