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  1. S10 / S15
    I want to change my '91 S10 from an r12 to r134, and I know that there are auto shops that can do that, but I'm a little broke to pay for all brand new parts, would I be able to use the AC system out of a second gen, like a 99 or something, that uses r134 and install that? And if I could would I...
  2. Heating and Air Conditioning
    Hey all, I recently picked up a 96 S10 2.2L at auction. It spent it’s life at a university as a work truck and only has 38,000 miles. Unfortunately, it blew warm air on the “max AC” setting and semi-cold air on the “norm AC” setting. After a quick inspection, I notice the compressor wasn’t...
  3. 262ci Forum (4.3)
    High pitched whistle noise, almost sounds like pressure or radio interference. But I know it’s not interference since it was present when radio disconnected. When I turn off the engine it’ll last for a few seconds. I left a link with video… Log into Facebook It’s a 93 s10 4.3L I think it has to...
  4. Heating and Air Conditioning
    My AC works fine for about 45 minutes then starts blowing hot air and the compressor won't start. I checked the pressure at the low pressure port and it's extremely high. The compressor won't restart till it sits for a few days and the pressure bleeds down. Thinking I had too much...
  5. Heating and Air Conditioning
    I'm trying to get more room in my engine bay, does anyone know of a smaller enclosure thing. Trying to get the car lower but it rubs on the ac, id still like to keep the ac in the car.
  6. Heating and Air Conditioning
    I have a 2003 s-10 2.2 litter with a slow ac leak. Ac hasn’t worked for years, finally had time to work on it, replaced accumulator and the two hoses from the compressor, got all mixed up on o ring sizes, crushed a few of them and wouldn’t hold vacuum. Finally think I got the correct sizes...
1-6 of 6 Results