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  1. Phantom Brakes

    Xtreme / ZQ8
    These brakes are shafting me and it's driving me crazy! Got my 2004 Blazer Xtreme with the knowledge of the brakes beginning to stick, no big deal, it's brakes Changed all calipers, hoses (except carrier hose) pads, rotors seemed okay so left them for now. Trying to bleed the system and...
  2. Ignition key locked after wheel hub assembly replacement

    Electrical / Lighting
    I just finished replacing both wheel hub assemblies on my 2002 S10 because of bad wheel bearings. Now that everything is back together, the key won't turn, even to running position. It turns just a little bit, enough to show green-lit gear display and odometer. No power to windows or radio. The...
  3. Speedometer is maxed?

    S10 / Sonoma
    Howdy, I just changed the battery in my truck and when I started it the speedometer maxed out and it hasn't moved a bit, I have a 96 and everything I searched for seemed to apply for 98+ so does anybody know what's going on? My abs light is on but I don't really know why, the wheel studs broke...