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  1. Articles - Engine, Core
    I did all the searching and read all about what else was needed, that will not be the topic of this discussion. I'm just looking to find a late model 350 vortec that I can just replace all the seals and gaskets on (MAYBE throw a mild cam and new bearings in) and toss it in place of my worn out...
  2. Blazer / Bravada / Jimmy / Envoy
    Let's start of by introducing my rig I got a 99 SAS chevy s10 blazer I recently blew up my 4.3L vortec. So you know what that means! V8 SWAP!🤙🏽 I went with 5.7 vortec out of a 99 k1500 suburban. I did do a overhaule on the 5.7 pretty much ready to slap in most of the wiring and pcm flashing is...
  3. V8 Discussion
    Welcome, New here. I just picked up my first s10 (normally a gmt400 guy) it’s a 97 extended cab short bed with 122k kinda clean pa truck. I’m deciding on doing an off-road build but in the process of that I decided to part out one of my gmc Denali’s. It’s a 2000 with a 5.7. My question is that...
  4. V8 Discussion
    I bought a 2000 zr2 awhile back and I want to v8 swap it I want to do either a 5.7 vortec or a 5.3 ls i know I need engine mounts headers and oil pan but what else do I need? Where do I find everything to do the swap? and how much will it cost?
  5. V8 Discussion
    Hello people I am in the planning stages of swapping a 5.7 into my 2000 extended cab. I am under the impression that the vortec swap is the “easiest” v8 swap and that all I will need is jtr v8 swap mounts, 2.8 frame mounts, jtr headers, and a 4.3 wiring harness. I’ll be able to use all...
1-5 of 5 Results