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  1. S10 / S15
    I'm sure there are plenty of you guys that are or have been in my situation. I'm just looking for some advice. I've completely lost interest in my 89. I've taken it through what I call its first build; -TBI SBC swap -Summit aluminum radiator w/elec fans -Billet grille & LED headlights -Harwood...
  2. S10 / S15
    Hey. I need some help. I’ve used an adjustable map sensor before. It’s from turbocity but they are out of business. It’s been awhile since I’ve installed one and I need a wiring diagram. I have a wire that idk where it taps into. It works with a micro switch (3 wires) and plugs inline with...
  3. V8 Discussion
    Anyone have instructions/info on how to add an older ecm to a 95 underhood vcm to run a tbi V8
  4. S10 / S15
    This is just a crazy idea my friend and I got to talking about, anyways I have a 350 going to go in my '91. I was wanting to keep the TBI and just switch it over, obviously, change the computer and injectors. Then, I came across a dual carb tunnel ram intake, and I know they make adapter plates...
  5. V8 Discussion
    For those of us that want to run TBI, Here it is. Not selling anything just sharing info.
  6. Blazer / Jimmy / Bravada
    I want to do a Factory Camaro TPI injection setup on my 350. I've seen it done on many S-Trucks in books and online but I have a bunch of questions: Somebody please help me out! Will a 85 TPI setup connect and work with a 94 4.3 CPI computer? Does the year of TPI matter? Will TPI work with the...
1-6 of 6 Results