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  1. V8 Discussion
    new here and to chevys, just bought a 2wd 1995 s10 with a blown 4.3 tbi v6 5spd. Im 19, have rebuilt my 7.3 powerstroke so i think i can handle swapping a 350 but i dont know as much as id like to about these gassers. my monthly fuel costs are around $1200 now so need something more efficient, i...
  2. V8 Discussion
    So i am doing my first ever swap and i have a few questions, i have a 94 s10/sonoma 2.2l i know im putting a 350 in it, have a 8:8 ford rear end my only question is what is the best manual transmission is best to put behind it for a daily driver, i plan on added power in the future but for now...
  3. S10 / Sonoma
    So I recently bought a 1989 s10 with 81k miles 5 speed manual 2.5l I4. I found on online that the t5 will bolt up to a 350, but I saw a lot of back and forth on if these transmissions. Many say the t5 off a I4 is different than one off a v6. Can anyone give any clarity? My budget right now is...
  4. S10 / S15
    I have motor trans and radiator and some what a of a drive shaft all I'm missing is rear end and motor accessories like headers an what not .. my ? Is will I have to switch the peddle assembly and knock the fire wall in
  5. S10 / S15
    This is just a crazy idea my friend and I got to talking about, anyways I have a 350 going to go in my '91. I was wanting to keep the TBI and just switch it over, obviously, change the computer and injectors. Then, I came across a dual carb tunnel ram intake, and I know they make adapter plates...
  6. Transmission & Rearend
    Putting a 350 in my '91 and found a NV3500 from a C1500 on ebay, just wondering if it would fit with no crazy modifications. Don't know much about transmissions, are all GM 3500's the same dimensions?
  7. S10 / S15
    hey guys I'm new to the forum but I was going to do a 350 sbc and 350 turbo swap and I was wondering could my s10's 3.08 handle it. I wanna make about 250~300 hp I'm not gonna be drag racing just a street cruiser with the occasional donuts and burnouts.
  8. V8 Discussion
    From what I've heard, one of the easiest swaps you can do for the 2.8 is a 350. I would like to do this soon but I need to know everything I'm going to need and I cant find all that much about it. I would also like tips from people who have done this swap before. Anything will help I just need...
  9. V8 Discussion
    I recently bought an 83 s10 that was swapped with a carburated 350. It has the 2 vacuum lines coming from the carburetor spliced like 3 ways to go to the transmission, the 4x4 balloon, and the vacuum reservoir. I would like to know how the vacuum is supposed to be properly ran so that when I fix...
  10. V8 Discussion
    Hey guys I have a 98 S10 with a 4.3 and auto transmission with electric 4WD, I’m getting ready to swap a Carb 350 and a 5 speed NV3500 out of a 97 Sonoma my question is my donor truck is a floor shifter 4WD would there be a way to keep my electric 4WD sense nothing in my truck will require a ECU...
  11. V8 Discussion
    I have an 88 350 sbc. It has the roller lifters (as they all do). Do I need to run another roller cam and lifters or can I switch to an older style cam and lifters? Thanks
  12. V8 Discussion
    So I’m currently swapping my 1990 2wd 4.3 with a .030 over 350. I have the mounts and headers but I want to run the original fan and serpentine belt not V-belt. Any tips or tricks you guys have?? Short water pump or regular water pump off the 4.3? Let me know, thanks!
  13. Blazer / Jimmy / Bravada
    I have a 94 Oldsmobile bravada. the 4.3 Vortec has made It a great grocery get'r, but I'm ready to step it up a notch! I have a 400hp budget built 350 ready to throw in the car. I know the 4l60e bolts right up, and I have the custom oil pan for the awd. from what I've read everything will bolt...
  14. SS-10

  15. V8 Discussion
    What's up my s10 people, I have a 1992 s10 Tahoe fleetside pickup it currently have a fuel injected 4.3L with a 5 speed 4wd transmission ( I'm not sure of the model transmission). I would like swap a (3970010 stamp) 350 engine into it. My question is can I keep my transmission? I would like to...
  16. S10 / S15
    Hi first post here, hopefully there isn't a thread already on this (or something similar) i tried using the search bar. I got gifted from my neighbor a 1988 S15. He said it wasn't running, and the thought a head gasket went bad. I pulled the head, and there is a hole in one of the pistons. I got...
1-16 of 16 Results