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2.2 parts
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  1. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    Ive read through here, posted in other places, and googled this and haven't found a answer. How would i be able to keep the stock computer for timing, tranny, etc but yet use the holley efi systems for just fuel? TIA and thanks for your time
  2. N2O

    2.5L - 1st gen 4-banging
    Has anyone put this on a non built 2.2? It says 15-35 hp which is perfect for what i want. If you have done it how lond dod you leave it and how much if any damage did it do? Stock with 150k miles.
  3. S10 / Sonoma
    I am looking for a set of underdrive pulleys for my 2.2l and need some help on where to find them. Any ideas?
  4. Wanted, to Buy
    I have a 1998 S10 2.2 and my EGR tube is cracked. I'm located in NJ. Please PM if you have one for sale.
  5. Parts
    I have a bunch of parts that I had for my truck, some are brand new, that I don't need anymore. Working on selling the truck eventually and have no use for all the extra parts. I'm open to any offers. Just make an offer and I'll probably take it. (SOLD) 2.2l 98-04 OBX header with air...
1-5 of 5 Results