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    Does anyone on here know the specs for oil pan bolts on a 95 2.2L? My oil pan gasket is bad and needs replaced but I am also missing a couple bolts. I can’t seem to find any for the 2.2L. Would the bolts for the 4.3L work? Or do I need to pull the bolts and take them to a nut and bolt shop and...
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    I have a 2.2 I want to swap a 98 5.7 out of a corvette in to it based on what I’ve looked up they both have 4L60-E trans but will they mate up and are the bellhousings any different I plan on ordering a new harness from cpw I want to stay automatic I want it to look as stock as possible
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    First want to say thank you I’ve learned a lot on this forum. I’m a very amateur mechanic. I wish I would have posted/made account sooner when I started this build. Most of the hard work have been done. I’m closing in on the last half of the build. Cylinder head has been rebuild and resurfaced...