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  1. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    First of all, hello as I am new. Fellow S-Series enthusiast seeking for help and advice. Owner of a 03 2.2 which is giving me problems that I can't seem to figure out and hoping those with more knowledge could help me, is my daily driver and I'm tired of having to use my wife's car lol...
  2. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    I have a 2003 s10 single cab with the 2.2 4 cylinder 2wd manual. If the truck sits for let’s say a day or two, the next time I start it, it will cut out really bad when I give it a little throttle. It idles perfectly fine and isn’t throwing any codes. Typically after It gets hot or I run it for...
  3. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    Hello all, I just bought an xcab 98 2.2 5 Spd. The truck was recently broke into and the thief who tried stealing it busted up the entire igniton cylinder and housing for nothing. Poor guy did all that work just to not steal it. I was wondering where can I get a housing? Ive checked local...
  4. S10 / Sonoma
    Looking for some advice. Inherited a 2000 Sonoma 2.2Flex Fuel from my grandfather. Last time it started was 10 years ago. Since getting the vehicle and in my attempts to get it running I have replaced the Battery, Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, dumped the old gas from the tank, put good new fuel in...
  5. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    I have got a 96 s10 cylinder 1 misfire, replaced the coil, injector, plug, wire, compression is about 105/110 in that cylinder only thing left to do is there's a Crack in my fuel line but wouldn't that cause more than one cylinder to misfire? Any advice would.be appreciated
  6. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    Alright guys. The 220k mile 2.2 has developed a bit of a knock after some races against a ranger (yes i lost. Bad) it seems to only be when its in gear, say in first, maintaining about 10mph. Its not a metallic tic but it seems to be a deeper knocking sound. It also picks back up when in higher...
  7. B

    V8 Discussion
  8. 2wd
    I just bought a 2 inch body lift and a 2 inch suspension lift for my 2000 2.2l and want to know if I'm going to need to extend the brake lines? If so how much longer would I need to go?
  9. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    Got 2001 2.2 liter. The engine light when On, took it too buddy, code read evap leak, got smoke tested, and replaced gas cap. Reset the check engine light and driven it 50+ miles and now light hasn’t turned back on but won’t pass inspection. Reset the battery and driven another 50+ miles light...
  10. S10 / S15
    Hey everyone! Back with a couple questions about my old s10. I bought it about a year ago for $1000. 5 Speed/Ext Cab/250k miles. Since then I've replaced a horn fuse, wipers, front brakes/rotors/calipers and wheel bearings, fuel filter, tires, oil pressure sending unit, some vacuum lines (but...
  11. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    I have a 2002 Chevy s10. This is the LS 2.2L and my 5th S10 but my first 4cyl. I am having issues but it gets alot worse when I turn the ac on. It bogs and stumbles and doesn't accelerate like it should. I just bought this truck so I was going through the normal tune up stuff. Spark plugs...
  12. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    2001 ext cab 2.2L, 5 speed. After changing the oil I noticed this hose not connected to anything and not sure what it's connected too. Any help would be appreciated!!
  13. Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Hey guys I have a bone stock 2.2 03 5 speed with 95k miles. I want to put bigger tires and new wheels on, and other people online have said you can go up to 30" with no cutting or a lift kit. So I'm not worried about rubbing but I was wondering if the extra weight would be too much for the 2.2...
  14. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    When I get to turn the key on all the lights come on all of them go off but service engine soon break battery abs and low fuel no security light won't crank no start you got lights everything radio works just won't crank any tips and it will possibly be grateful
  15. Transmission & Rearend
    Came around a corner normally, went to grab 2nd then 1st dumb dog came in front of me, then lost my whole drivtrain when I shoved it into 1st. I just used my brakes didn't let out of the clutch. Looks like it is pressing on pressure plate fingers when I look through my clutch line peep hole. I...
  16. 2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    so was on the way home from work and all of a sudden my truck lost power but was still running. pulled over and looked under the truck and saw the cat was glowing orange. let it cool down and limped it 4 miles back to my work (I work in a diesel shop). used 1/8 of a tank of gas just going those...
  17. S10 / Sonoma
    What do I need to know? I’m looking for info on the things that aren’t obvious. Everything on both trucks is factory. I’m considering using the’98 4cyl rear. ‘96 4.3 is a W code.
  18. Electrical / Lighting
    My 1997 2.2 5 speed s10 isn’t getting any electrical power at all and I was wondering what I have to do to diagnose what’s wrong with it
  19. S10 / Sonoma
    Does anyone on here know the specs for oil pan bolts on a 95 2.2L? My oil pan gasket is bad and needs replaced but I am also missing a couple bolts. I can’t seem to find any for the 2.2L. Would the bolts for the 4.3L work? Or do I need to pull the bolts and take them to a nut and bolt shop and...
  20. S10 / Sonoma
    I have a 2.2 I want to swap a 98 5.7 out of a corvette in to it based on what I’ve looked up they both have 4L60-E trans but will they mate up and are the bellhousings any different I plan on ordering a new harness from cpw I want to stay automatic I want it to look as stock as possible
1-20 of 21 Results