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  1. S10 / Sonoma
    Hey, I am trying to find a brush guard/bullbar for my 1994 S10 4x2 LS to put on the front as a recent accident left the bottom air deflector out of commission. I am having trouble finding one that fits my model year. Will 4wd drive brush guards bolt up to the frame of my 2wd? Is there a...
  2. S10 / S15
    Hello! I have the CHEVROLET BLAZER S10 (82-94) Petrol 4.3 115kW/156PS And i need to change the rear axle oil and seal. But what kind of oil do i buy? Best regards from Sweden
  3. Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Hey, I have a 1994 s10 ls 4x2 with the 4.3liter v6 vin z. The brake pedal on it will become very hard and when you press harder the car will start pulling to the left and right. I unplugged the abs system and it stopped doing it, but I had to plug it back in as my brake pedal locked up because i...
  4. S10 / S15
    Hey everyone! I drive a 94 s10 "LS" trim, extended cab, 2.2L RWD with 5 Speed Manual. It has various minor issues that I've been working on but it's a solid truck. One of those issues is ABS. Now, there's no codes or anything being thrown about ABS (it only throws codes for EGR and Lean Exhaust...
  5. S10 / Sonoma
    hi, I have an NV3500 with the internal slave cylinder. i would like to install it on my s10 1994 . extended cab. I was wondering which slip yoke I should put on my driveshaft because the current one is too small
  6. S10 / Sonoma
    I have a 1994 4x4 s10 with a completely destroyed engine. Everything else is fine. I recently purchased a wrecked 1998 Sonoma with a running 4.3. I've already pulled both motors and bolted the new motor onto my s10 transmission. Now here's where I'm lost. I've pulled the engine harness from both...
1-6 of 6 Results