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  1. S10 / S15
    I have a 92 S10 extended cap and am trying to replace the hardware for the vent (quarter) windows and cannot find parts anywhere. Has anyone had any luck with this?
  2. S10 / S15
    Looking for some guidance. I’m currently an automotive student in north FL. I have a 1992 2.8L S10. I’ve been chasing my tail on a crank-no start issue. My battery is fully charged. The truck ran fine, but I let it sit for a couple months while I rebuilt my transmission. After I reinstalled my...
  3. Transmission & Rearend
    Hey guys, could anyone point me to a good way to pop out the Detent pin holding the shifter rail on the Chevy trans, I’m trying to remove the bellhousing but that’s the last thing holding it on Thanks in advanced
  4. 262ci Forum (4.3)
    Hello S10 Community. I'm new here, and have perused many, many forums and threads, looking for an answer to my question, but didn't find any. So, here goes... I have a 1992 Chevy S10 Blazer with the 4.3 V6 . When I first start it up from a cold start, it high-idles for about 1 minute until it...
  5. S10 / S15
    I have a 92 s10 extended cab I picked up about a month ago. When I got to the truck to look at it the owner said it needed a fuel pump but we threw a battery and some gas in it and it fired up and drove 2 hours all the way back home. I think it had been sitting for a month or 2 or 3. But she...
  6. S10 / S15
    Can anyone help me identify then transmission in my S10? I just entered the S10 game and I’m tinkering. I have a 1992 base model with the 2.8 V6. It’s a 5-speed transmission but I don’t know the nomenclature. Thank you! Looking forward to this build.
  7. 262ci Forum (4.3)
    So I have a 1992 s10, rwd and it will only run sometimes, when we bought the truck the owner showed us it runs and starts, and it did well. We ran it around for a bit then all of a sudden nothing, it wouldn't fire and when visibly looking at the injectors nothing was happening. All of that night...
  8. Transmission & Rearend
    Hi. Just wandering does anyone know what this connector/ solenoid is for and why would it be unplugged. On the side by transmission pan. 1992 gmc sonoma. Thanks
  9. Pats Red 92' S10

    I painted the black below the trim line myself and it looked pretty good when it was clean.
  10. S10 / S15
    Does anyone know that this part is. Looks like some type of actuator or something to the A/C. It's under the cowl panel. And if anyone knows where I can find a new one and what it is Thanks. 1992 gmc sonoma SLE
1-10 of 10 Results