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  1. Locked Keys

    S10 / S15
    So I have a 91 s10 and my dumb*** locked the keys in the car. Anyone have any tips on how to unlock the door?
  2. 1991 S10 4.3L 4wd issues

    S10 / S15
    Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum and fairly new to owning an an S10. I recently bought my 91 s10 to be a farm truck but have been having a hard time getting the 4wd to work. Its a long story and I've tried a lot of different things so I'll try to keep it brief. I started by replacing the...
  3. Bigger tires.

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I’m looking for anyone that knows how big of tires I can fit onto a 91 s10 without any rubbing. I’ve seen a lot of 235/60/15 but I don’t know for sure if that’s gonna be the right size.
  4. best 3/4 drop kit for 1st gen 2wd

    2wd Droppin'
    HELP!!! Recently purchased a 1991 S10 Tahoe SCSB 2wd. I've been looking around for a decent lowering kit because for one, I've always had a thing for slammed/noticeably lowered anything, but specifically Chevy trucks. Two, because I love modifying vehicles. And Three, I want to build it up to a...