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S10 Xtreme
Red (mostly)
When I met my fiance, he had a '93 Typhoon (#1133) and while I knew a scant bit about the Syclones and Typhoons, I had never actually experienced one first hand. His had a lot of work into it, and was a dig machine. Unsurprisingly, I fell in love with the idea of having my own turbo S truck, and so I bought my 2000 Xtreme ex cab stepside in spring 2014. It is my 5th overall S truck, coming after a 99 Xtreme, a 2001 Sonoma ZR2, and two 1st gen 4x4 S trucks (one an S-10 Tahoe, the other a Sonoma). I adore pickup trucks, and the midsize has always been the perfect class of truck for me.
2000 Chevy S10 Xtreme (Red (mostly))


This truck was originally a 2.2 4 cylinder w/ automatic. However, a LOT has changed....

I acquired a 4.3 out of 99 ZR2 with a spun crank bearing, and sent it off for machining. The mod list for the motor goes something like this:
- Magnafluxed and qualified
- Bored 0.020 over
- Intake surface cleaned
- Head surfaces cleaned and o-ringed
- Splay bolt main conversion
- OEM crank rebuilt and nitrided
- Eagle forged H-beam rods
- KB ICON forged 18cc dish pistons
- Custom ground, hardened Crane cam
- Crane Gold roller rockers
- Upgraded valves, valve springs, retainers, pushrods, roller lifters, assembly bolts, etc
- Marine intake
- LS1 throttle body
- SyTy exhaust manifolds
- Performance built 4L60E trans
- External trans cooler

Yet to be acquired and/or confirmed:
- Precision PTE-PT6766CEA 66mm turbo
- BOV and Wastegate
- Torque converter (likely going with Vigilante)
- Intercooler
- Alcohol injection
- Upsized radiator
- ABS deletion
- Walbro fuel pump
- Boost controller (leaning towards Hallman)
- Borla exhaust
- Moser axle with 3.42 gear and disc brake conversion
- Fuel management system is undecided, but being considered
- More stuff I am forgetting
The interior appears almost stock as well, aside from some notable changes. I have an A pillar gauge pod with a Wideband, a Trans Temp and a Boost gauge; and the column shift has been swapped out for a floor shift setup. I used an OEM console, shifter and cable from a Blazer. I also swapped the 1.5 din radio bezel for the 2 din, to accommodate a larger touch screen radio.
Very little has been done to the exterior of my Xtreme; I did a step delete & roll pan kit in the rear, and a GMC hood. I replaced the front bumper due to rot, and the front ground effect due to damage prior to my acquiring it, but it appears almost entirely stock. I do plan on doing some minor body repair and putting a fresh paint job on it when the build is complete.
I have a Rockford Fosgate sub & amp combo, however I'm not sure I want to install it at this time. No other changes aside from a 2 din touch screen radio.
Wheel and Tire
Right now, I still have the Xtreme wheels; I'd like to do a set of Corvette sawblades, but I'm leery about running a spacer on a high power build, so we'll see if I can't find anything similar in a more appropriate offset. I will likely run Nitto NT555 in the front, and NT555R in the back.



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