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S-15 Jimmy
White/ rust
Bought this truck in 2005 with 119,000 miles. Was in mint condition was stolen and all the badges and info was taken off. I recovered it drove it from Arizona to CO where it sat in storage for four years till 2011. Drove it to NC where paint has been flaking and rusting. I have about 85% of my swap parts (got the 4.8L with 4L60E. The goal is to have a component from every year range and model of S series vehicle in some capacity. The S series are the smallest truck/SUV GM made so thats why I consider them the Runt of the litter. (yea im not forgetting about the chevy Luv lol!)
1991 GMC S-15 Jimmy (White/ rust)


Will have a 4.8l gen 4 with 4L60E no mods. will retune ECM to work with exhaust and intake. have northern radiator with spal fans (being cheap going with what I had). Have engine mounts xmsn cross member all wiring components, major cooling system components.
None yet. Will be mostly factory will add second gen center console and a overhead console. have sonoma GT gauge cluster need a better housing. Will get new carpet and upholster the seats dont know what to do with the dash and cracks. Since I have a drive by wire setup from a 2012 Silverado the pedal wont work in the S-10 it curves off to the right hitting the xmsn tunnel. I changed out just the foot pedal (no electronics) with a similar pedal from other GM Vehicle I can now mount the pedal with no issues and have a decent position for it.
None yet. Will be lowered 2 inches in front three in back. I have OE fender black fender flares Factory power mirrors with factory fog lights . thinking about going with a black and white theme, black grill, handle, locks and mirrors. Changed to the three piece grill. I will remove luggage rack would like to keep factory hood> The goal is to keep it clean and low key simple.
none yet and have no ideas yet
Wheel and Tire
Have C-3 Corvette 15X8 rims and Cooper Cobra 245/60R15. Don't have no definitive plans but to clean and repaint the openings of the rims black and clean and polish the rims. Will change the center caps to a "GMC" Emblem see photo.



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