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Blue and Black but mostly peeling clear coat
I dunno. Extended cab package?
I bought an 88 Hombre. I loved my 88 Hombre. I gave it to my neighbor.
I bought a 98 Hombre. I loved my 98 Hombre. I drove it backwards into a concrete wall on I65.
I bought a 2001 S10. I hate my 2001 S10. What a piece of crap.
-All of the bushings rotted out.
-The door won't close properly.
-The 4.3 Vortec came with a poppet injection system that sucked balls so I had to change that out to fuel injected.
-Brake lines failed multiple times from rusting out and rubbing on other components in the cramped engine bay.
-The plastic radiator sprung a leak in one of the form seams.
-The cable holding the spare tire broke.
-The lower corners of the cab rusted out.
-The clear coat pealed off over 60% of the body.
-One of the spark plugs can't be changed without a swivel adapter.
-The brackets holding the radiator feet are to thin.
-The brackets holding the bumper cover are poorly designed and the bumper sags.
-The brackets holding the headlights regularly fail.
-The arm rest is a horrible design. The upper lid broke and the foam padding dry rotted.
-The ignition switch failed.

So yea. I kinda think I know why GMC was looking at bankruptcy not to long ago.
2001 Chevy S10 (Blue and Black but mostly peeling clear coat)



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