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I bought this from the RV dealership where I worked for $100
It hadn't run in 3 years and had been used as a dumpster for 2 years in the back of the property by the employee parking. That is where I saw it first.

All I had to do to make it run was replace the distributor cap and rotor button..less than $20...and that is where I made my biggest mistake.
I decided to use the 3/4 tank of 3 year old gas...crap.
I pumped the whole fuel system full of orange rusty mud.
It ran great after I rebuilt the entire fuel system end to end.
1992 Chevy S10 (White)


2.8L GM 60 degree V6 with TBI electronic fuel injection with OBDI. double throttle body spacer, big air cleaner, cat gutted, big pipe out to Thrush Magnum glasspack
Borg-Warner T5 world class 5 speed manual transmission with chrome skull with red eyes shift knob.
GM 10 bolt 3.42:1 open diff rear end.
The original bench seat had been recovered with the heaviest vinyl I have ever seen by the RV dealership's interior shop, but the springs on the driver side were collapsed and the foam was like toast. I wanted something more comfortable. I bolted down the bench seat in the back and made it a rumble seat for a while. I got a decent pair of late 80's S10 Blazer seats in the U-pull it junk yard for $60 and they fit the truck nicely. I also installed a console from some unknown car that fit. After 25k miles in about 18 months, the older driver seats started to wear out quickly. Back to the junkyard...where I found a really nice pair of reclining adjustable bucket seats from a 2008 Pontiac G6 sedan. I got 1 installed before I traded the truck and gave the other one with the truck. After we traded, the guy told me he installed the other seat the first week he had the truck. Very cool! I had been putting it off for months because the pontiac seat was complicated as hell.
Removed tow bar brackets and switched front from white painted bumper to black painted bumper and added chin spoiler from 93 S10 Durango. Replaced cracked black plastic grille with chrome grille, (then I got spray paint on the new grille...arrghh!).
I bought a nice little Leer truck topper for $50 on craigslist and used it for several months. I sold it on craigslist for $150 after replacing the lift supports, wiring up the dome light and replacing the lock cylinder. I also replaced both rear fender flares that were missing.
Kenwood 200 watt cd receiver with 1/8 stereo aux input driving 4 speakers only
MTX Thunder 400 watt amplifier driving sub only
Bazooka Reference series 10" sub mounted in custom box behind seat.
Front in dash speakers Rockford Fosgate 120 watt 4"
rear speakers mounted inside A-pillar: Sony Home theater surround 120 watt 2 way with 3" woofer and piezo tweeters.
Magellan Roadmate Satellite navigation system mounted under climate controls.
Wheel and Tire
on truck when I got it: unmatched, dry rotted, belt separated, 195/75-14,205/70-14 and 215/70-14 on factory black 14x6 steelies with a nice light coat of rust. the rims didn't even match each other.
I bought a set of 4 1993 GMC Jimmy 15x7 rims off craigslist for $50 and took them to Firestone for a set of Primewell Sport PS850 tires in a 235/60-15 size.
I picked a size I knew was on old muscle cars and would be easy to find.
I also wanted something low and wide and look good without sacrificing too much ride quality.
I live in Florida, it rains here almost every day during hurricane season. so wet traction was important and these tires grip good in the wet.



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