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S10 LS
upgrading to ZQ8 set up
Purchased the truck in the fall '15 from a actual Chevy dealership. The odometer had about 145k on it. I'm possibly the 2nd if not the 3rd owner. Story goes of the truck: it was traded in for a newer Silverado that had 4x4 with locking diff since the previous owner couldn't get use to slipping and sliding on country roads in the winters with this s10. Fortunately for me, I was in the middle of having to continue to keep fixing up my old '93 as it was rusting out pretty bad or decide if I should go after "newer" s10. I made a list of options on what i wanted on my future S10 and it had to be identical to what i had on my older one which it needed to have a 4.3L engine that wasn't modified, had to have an extended cab, had to have cruise control, and operational A/C. Other options i wanted was the tilt wheel, center consule, variable wiper speed system and i always wanted a truck with foglights (always liked them on the 1st gen body). When i went to go visit the truck they had it on the rack for me to see the undercarriage which I already i saw several things that needed attention. The truck already told me that it was gonna cost me a few bucks to repair but it would be worth it for what i had plans on upgrading the suspension in general as this truck was gonna be a keeper in the long run. Overall the truck looked good and drove okay despite the slack in the steering wheel and the rusted out cab corners (typical for these trucks.) At the end, they wanted over $3000 for the truck but i talked them down to $2,200 minus the tax, title, registration. Took it home and i'm happy for the most part but this past winter was a bit difficult to drive with that open rear and crappy tires...which comes the list down below of mods of what i've done, did, or am doing....
1996 Chevy S10 LS (Black)


under the hood lies the "comman" 4.3L vin X engine. It' stock engine alright as much of nothing was done to it when i purchased the truck. It even retained the stock coolant hoses at the time of when i purchased it! I found out after doing the tune up, it had 5 of the 6 spark plugs replaced! So one was still left in there since it was installed from the factory! Just stupid on their part! At first, I was contemplating on doing the marine intake upgrade but i pulled back on that idea end up going the route of doing the "MPFI" ungrade at a lesser cost. In time (perhaps next year) i'm going to replace that measly 1.5" exhaust system to a fully customized one from the Y-pipe back at 2.25"! I also replaced the engine oil cooler lines because they were leaking pretty bad. Also the intake manifold was leaking coolant. So i took the liberty this past summer to replace everything on the upper end, starting by replacing the spider injection system with the updated MPI. Replaced both valve cover gaskets and seal and afterwards the original radiator started to leak so i end up replacing the radiator, hoses, t stat, and converted the coolant system to green coolant.
I have several things i want to do my interior-wise. For starters i need to replace the nasty worn out steering wheel with a newer one. Found one in a local junkyard and already installed it. Looks great now! My truck didn't have the optional tach in the instrument cluster so i also bought one from someone as well, It will be a summer project of mine to install it this year. The last thing i really want to add to the interior is replacing those lousy driver and passanger side seats with the newer style. Whoever did the designing of the interior should of been shot on site. What made it a good idea to have a hole slot in the headrest area? They bend too easily! My '93 S10 seats were better looking and functioned better then the 96 ones!
Currently the plans are to replace the cab corners as both sides are rusting out. The Bed itself is starting to break down at the wheel wells which leave me on a bit of a dilema to either do patch work or replace the bed as a whole.....
Other add-ons i did was added a rear window sunshade and also the door ventshade. I do plan of replacing those awful stock mirrors with Street Scene versions that have the heating element.
The tailgate was banging around alot which i found out that the rubber bumpers for the gate was missing! So i got them replaced. I'm currently gonna be replacing the driver side door hinge with a replacement pin set and spring. Other then that i'm gonna try to a complete truck buffing to bring back the luster of the paint and in the nearby future get a complete paint job.
I also plan on adding a tonneau cover for my truck. I'm kinda torn on the idea on what brand to buy from. However, i made the decision that i want to buy a roll up one. So if anyone has any sugguestions please let me know.
My stock receiver was replaced with a Sony Xplode CD system that has a usb port and aux jack which i use quite alot! Unfortunately, the 6 speaker system is in dyer need of replacement. Only two work, but one only works properly. So replacing them are in the works. I also plan to add a CB unit to where the slot under the receiver is. I use to own one and it was always useful at times....
Wheel and Tire
The stock wheels was one of the first things that turned me off about the truck when i first saw it. Finding out how narrow these 15x7 coupled with lousy no name brand tires made handling the winter very difficult. It easily convinced me that it was time to go after the ZQ8 5 spoke 16x8s that are found on the newer S10s (Xtremes). I could of go after the SS versions but i just didn't like them as much.. If anything i'll keep these lousy wheels for winter use and put some winterforce tires on them.
I also had to purchase a new spare tire winch and tire itself! The original winch that held the tire was broken off at the anchor which leaves me to thing either the spare tire was stolen or it must of fell off.



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