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General Information

-Extened Cab
-Started life as a standard blue extended cab S10. At some point some one put a lot of time & money into it to make it an Xtreme S10. Unless you look up the codes or a few other very subtle hits you would never know the difference.

I looked for a good while to find this one. When I first saw it I was sold on it. Even more so when I drove it.
The blue is so dark that it looks black at night. In the day it reflects the blue of the sky and looks even better.


Of course it was only 4 1/2 hours from my house to go look at the truck and I was not even sure I was going to by it.
The main reason I was not sure was that I did not even come to look at this particular truck.
I came to look at a black 2000 S10 Xtreme extended cab 5 speed, but I did not like it that much.
The same person also had a white 2001 S10 Xtreme extended cab auto with a new 4.3 that had less then 100 miles on it, but I really don't like white cars or trucks.

So he said we could go look at the blue one his friend had. (the person with the black one and the white one also had a silver one, red one, another black one a white one he drove daily and others. 22 in all he said~!

So we drive 20 minutes over to the other house to see 4 garages in the back yard. The one on the end was open ended but the trucks were under covers. Guess what, 2 more S10's~!
So I bought this blue one on the spot and drove it 4 1/2 hours home.



Steel rear roll pan before trailer hitch was installed.


Pioneer AVH-2700BS with Remote, does everything but make dinner




255/60/15's on the rear



Hidden hitch installed with spring loaded lift up plate. I have yet to install rubber trim around the edge of metal surrounding the hitch.
The hitch is a CURT #13920 and fit right in place with no problem, although you do have to give up your spare tire as it will no longer fit.
It is easier to have the plate pull down, but then it can not be seen and that is not legal. (n)


Next is Dual Exhaust with Flow Master Super 44's as I have already cut the muffler and tail pipe off.
After that I will be swapping the stock 19 gallon tank for a tank from a Blazer that goes behind the rear axle for better weight distribution. I will also be moving the battery to the passenger rear end of the bed for weight transfer. I have already removed the spare tire, tire lift, jack & hardware.
Follow along with my adventures.....


-Started with 190hp, 4.3, 262cu in V-6 with 4 speed auto trans and 3.42 rear end (not limited slip). Summit High Performance Distributor, Hypertech High Output Coil, Plugs Gapped to .065", K&N Cold Air Intake, It has a 2" drop in the front and I know it has a 3" drop in the back.
-Stock Charcoal extended cab
-Custom Dark, Dark Blue, 2" Tapered Cowl Hood, Rear Roll pan.
-Pioneer AVH-2700BS with Remote, does everything but make dinner
-Standard, but with some converted to LED and working towards all LED
-Stock to just before where the muffler used to be. It is cut off from just before the muffler back, sounds a bit tinny, but this is only temporary until the dual exhaust gets installed next week. BTW, it is not too loud for any others interested in doing this. If you were to just take that huge old muffler out and put in a straight pipe in place of it and run it all the way out the back it would most likely sound good, give you a power increase and loose 20 pounds by removing the muffler~! All win, win, win.
Wheel and Tire
-15x8 wheels front & rear. 245/60/15's on front & 255/60/15's on rear. Will be changing the rears to 295 or 305 on the rear. Not sure if they with be 15's or 16's yet.



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