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Chevy S10 LS Extended Cab 2.2L Engine, Manual Tran
Bought this truck in April...been fixing it since. It runs really good, but had a lot more wrong with it than I was led to believe. So far I had to replace the cat, muffler & entire exhaust pipe, windshield w\w tank & pump, new windshield, license plate lights, front turn signals, o2 sensor on cat, o2 sensor connector on wiring side, drain & flush radiator, added 50\50 antifreeze (was only rusty water in it), new ignition lock cylinder & door Locks. Found the "missing" o2 sensor connector for the sensor on the exhaust manifold, so I could plug that sensor in...someone had cut off the wire & tucked it up on top of the tranny. Installed new bed liner. Put on a new locking gas cap...I was hoping this would fix the po452 error, but I wanted to buy a locking cap anyway. I did find a crimped evap line going to the tank & I repaired it, but still get the error.

All I have left to do is now is either replace the gas tank or repair the bottom of the gas tank, someone made a previous repair & now it is oozing a bit (but no drips). The po452 error probably means I need to replace the entire fuel pump assembly. On top of the po452 error, when you to the key to run or start the truck, the gas gauge goes from over full, to below empty within 30 seconds...it stays there until you turn the key off. Lastly, I need to find\fix the leak in the a\c & recharge it. Fun, huh?
1999 GM Chevy S10 LS Extended Cab 2.2L Engine, Manual Tran (Blue)


It came with a Custom Air Filter\Intake. Once I get all of the repairs done, I will post some pics.
Purchased in April 2018...needs some minor body work & it could sure use a new paint job...maybe I can do this later down the road!
I put in a nice Pioneer MP3 player.
Wheel and Tire
The previous owner recently put on all new tires, but they are way too big for this vehicle (235/75R15). If I turn the wheel all the way, I can feel\hear the front tires will rub against the wheel wells. Also, the speedometer seems to be off a lot! My wife & son clocked me going 75mph, but my speedometer only said 65mph. Those big tires can make a big difference! Well, maybe sometime down the road I can buy the right size tires. I've spent around $600 on parts for all the work I have done just to get it to where it could be inspected & registered within 30 days of purchase.



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