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S-10 Tahoe
This is my 1989 S10. I am the third owner it was my dad's truck and the first vehicle I ever drove. I assumed ownership (aka I started paying off the rest of the loan about $1600) in 1997. When I got it it had oak bed rail caps a plastic tool box and chrome rails. And about 160,000 miles.
1998 I rebuilt the body with a new used box, aftermarket front fenders and cab corners. I also scored a used Lund racer back.
1999 I rebuilt a donor engine that was from an 89 blazer that I bought and drove while the body work was being done. The S10 blazer had a brand new tranny but had 225k miles when I yanked the drivetrain. My truck had 242k miles on original drive train and was getting tired.
The doner engine was bored out as far as they could safely and they installed a truck cam. The sidepipes were installed at the same time as the drivetrain.
Around 2004 I has having cooling issues and finally replaced the stock radiator. Two days later my clutch fan shaft snapped in two and sent the fan blade all the way thru the new rat. barely missing the ac condensing coils on the other side. In came the Ford Taurus E-fan swap with Flex-a-lite control module.
2009 I installed the Edelbrock performer intake.
2015 after parking the truck for a few years because of unknown issues, no time or any extra funds, We finally found the culprit my cab mounts rotted out and the cab sank. That messed with my door alignment, First clue something was wrong, hinge pins were perfect. ECM fuse started blowing Everytime I drove the truck, That was Second clue. Third clue was that the wire harness between the bell housing and fire wall was severed and there was no longer a gap between them. Explaining the really bad vibration in the cab. And the digital speedometer cutting out. We replaced the floor boards and cab mounts and hey look my doors line up again!
2016 I replaced the fuel tank and lines
2017 I replaced the sidepipe center sections with new replacement baffles.
2019 new Holley TBI, new stereo, new door lock actuators, new power window motors, new weather stripping.
2020 the truck is currently at the Dyno getting a professional tune put on it and then will be put on the hub Dyno.


Taurus E-fan with Flex-a-lite control module
K&N air filter
Holley TBI 42% area increase 2" throttle bore.
Edelbrock performer intake manifold
Fully bored block with truck cam (no idea what specs were was done in 1999 I was only 20 back then)
Red led lighting.
Lund racer back
Fresh paint and dents...
Bluetooth hands free pioneer stereo, new speakers.
Line of fire rear light strip,
amber lights above sidepipes
Laker side pipes
Wheel and Tire
Alum rims outlaw style. Made by Grand Prix no longer around.


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Yeah baby this is right up my alley! I love the old school cool! Sweet truck bud!