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my dad had it as a company truck for years I remember riding in that since I way 3 years old and couple of years later my dad got a new company truck. The company still kept the truck, then when my oldest brother was 16 they were selling the truck and my brother ended up buying the truck. when he first got it i didn't really think to much of the truck then because I was only 7. But over the years I really started to like the truck after getting to work on it. then when I was 14 my brother needed money for his wedding so he sold the truck to my grandpa for $1,500 and I was okay with it at the time because I still got to see the truck he kept it for about 2 months and then traded in at the chevy dealer and I was very devastated knowing I'll probably never see the truck again. But then I started trying to track the truck down I found out that it went to auction where it sold to a small dealer about 5 minutes away from my house for $700. When I when there it was already sold for $1,800 I told them how I was trying to get the truck back they didn't give me an address but they gave a name of who bought it. I could find a phone number or address for the guy anyways It was almost a year later and my mom called me and said she saw the truck siting aside of the road near my house sure enough it was the truck the kid who bought it was fishing across the street and a week after I found it he sold it to me for $2,250.
1995 Chevy s10 (black)


did body work all summer of 2015 and repainted it in the fall of 2015


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