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Cutlass Supreme
Black & Gray
Meet McGillicutty, my rolling wreck. My dad had an ‘87 Monte Carlo when I was little; ever since then, I’ve always wanted my own G-body. This one sorta fell into my lap. I wasn’t really in the market for another project (I was already building another flip), but I was window-shopping the Cars & Trucks section on Craigslist like I’m sure many of us do. I found this one for $1000 OBO. It was well out of my price range at the time, but I figured I’d go look anyway. When I got there, she looked much worse than online — lots of body rust and a snapped tie rod. The 307 under the hood still sounded great, though, if deafeningly loud because a section of exhaust pipe was missing behind the cat. I told the guy, honestly, that I had bought nicer cars than this for my junkyard for under $250. I told him I could fix it and drive it away that day if I could have it for $400. We shook on it.

She needs a lot of work. I’ve already done the basics: replace the air filter (which was as black and greasy as a White Castle hamburger patty), oil/filter, spark plugs/wires, and ATF, plus replaced both doors (one was too rusty and the other had been cut into b/c the last owner couldn’t figure out how to get the window regulator out, so the glass rattled inside the door). I have patch panels for some rust repair in the quarter and trunk pan, and one fender needs to be repaired or replaced. Once it’s all done, I plan to do it all up in flat black, either with plastidip or with an industrial equipment paint I read about in Hot Rod Magazine, with all the trim and chrome in a glossy black to contrast.

She was supposed to be a flip-project to make a bit of money, but now that I own my own G-body Cutlass and I’ve spent time driving and wrenching on her, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to let her go when it’s time to sell. I love that profile. I love how big she is. I love how comfortable she is (front bench seat, baby!). Most of all, I love the rumble of that 307. I love this car.
1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (Black & Gray)


Stock Oldsmobile 307 (VIN Y) mated to a three-speed auto with overdrive and a posi rear end. Stock manifold running straight back (no cat) to two glass pack mufflers. It's loud and beautiful.
All stock. I love the front bench seat to much to toss it; depending on how long I decide to keep this car, I might re-upholster it in red cloth with black piping.
Current: Rust, rust, and more rust, in some parts literally held together by Roadkill bumper stickers. An ill-fitting header panel with cockeyed headlights. And some dents!

Future: All black. Once I patch and metalwork the body, most of it is getting a flat-black coat of Rustoleum Professional's High Performance Protective Enamel, which is a professional-grade, oil-based paint intended for use on industrial equipment that was used by Hot Rod Magazine on this sick-looking '67 Camaro: http://www.hotrod.com/how-to/paint-body/hrdp-1108-1967-chevy-camaro-affordably-flat-painting/

Then the bumpers and all the trim will get a coat of Flamenco Black Pearl (the glossy black used by Honda in the '90s) and the windows will get a nice, dark, black tint.
Current: A really terrible, ancient aftermarket head unit. Can't be bothered to figure out the brand because it's so bad. I suspect it's not wired right because the power antenna doesn't deploy when you turn the radio on, so you're stuck listening to CD's because the reception is so bad. It doesn't matter because the original four 3" speakers from the 1980s are so tired and worn out, you can't hear much anyway.

Future: I have a shelf full of better head units I accumulated when I worked at a junkyard. I might just install one of those, but I'm contemplating installing an iPad mini as a touch interface. I also have a full Kenwood sound system and two 10" ATX subs to go in the trunk when it's ready.
Wheel and Tire
14" Oldsmobile Super Slick III's from the '70s with Firestone tires



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