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Pewter w/flames
Bought bone stock in February 2003, we laid it out (frame) in April 2003 on 17x8 Eagle 203's.
Throughout 2003-2004 I began to shave handles, weld the pan in, updated the wheels to a set of 17x7 and 18x8 American Racing Torq Thrust II's. Eventually the outside received more body mods (cowl hood with shaved squirters, flamed, bed tubbed and bed lined etc.

From 2008 onward, the interior was taken apart here and there, pieces smoothed and painted, and updated wheels to a set of 17x7 and 18x8 Coy C57's polished. I slowly began collecting parts during this time frame to prepare for an eventual push to stock floor body drop the truck.

In December of 2013 the truck went to my long time friend Chad Wheeler (Wheeler Customs) in West Union, OH and we (well he lol) worked his magic.
3/4's stock floor body drop, fully bodydropped bed with all panels bead rolled, fresh line-x sprayed in bed, AccuAir, new Viar 480's relocated battery and a host of other things like shaved and painted firewall, LSOH rear disc swap kit installed, and lots of prep work to plan for the eventual 5.3 LSX swap. Not to mention finally scoring my unicorn wheels of an 18x8 and 20x9.5 combo of BAD Rockstars to match the steering wheel I'd had in the truck since 2005.

By July of 2014 I had my truck back in my hands after picking it up the day before CampNDrag as the original plan had been to debut it at CND freshly bodied. Really no one knew and it was a fun thing to have happen.

I cannot thank the numerous folks who have spent countless hours helping me in some way, shape or form whether it was working on the truck in some way, allowing me to store the truck in their garage for winter, finding specific parts or giving advice and pointers. I can not thank you all enough for your patience and workmanship with this. And of course would like to thank my wonderful wife and our daughter Gracie for putting up with me spending countless hours away from home either working on it or going to shows or in the garage for hours on end.

Chad Wheeler - Wheelers Customs
Chris Taulbee
Daniel Moermond
Tony Baker
Brian Schalk
James Lipscomb
Adam Reed
Josh Hartman
Michigan Metal - Taylor Jardas
Little Shop Mfg. - Eric Saliba
Jacob Fields
Bryan Gibson
Specktacular Kustom Graphics - Mike Speck
Charles Pollard
Greg Nettles
Linex Oh - Frank Marino
Dustin Baker
Steve Whitewall Grybel
Joe Milburn Jr.
Dwayne Franks
Chris Wilson
Steve Nielsen
Larry Echols
Eric Neal
Brandon Taylor
Shannon Mason
2001 GMC Sonoma (Pewter w/flames)



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