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White & Gray
SLE, 2.2 L, long bed, 5-speed
Carrying body parts to much larger cars in the back of my Focus sedan wasn't working very well (try fitting Taurus doors in the back seat of a Focus lol) and I really needed a truck. I'm good with body work and saw this old girl for sale in what appeared to be decent condition besides some light front-end damage, and for only $500. I wound up with more than a bargained for, with a fuel tank that leaked if more than 1/3 full and an engine that turned out to be junk. Well, I always wanted to learn how to do an engine swap, anyway -- I just didn't think it was going to be this one.

Update: She's running like a champ, now. Sounds like a grumpy bee with that Thrush muffler on that little engine. Already been on three road trips in three months -- one to Chicago, one to the Smoky Mountains, and one to Kansas City.
1995 GMC Sonoma (White & Gray)


Junkyard 2.2 from a '97 Pontiac Sunfire with the coil packs turned upside down to clear the sensor that wasn't in the original '95 engine. Bunch of new bits (clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, oil pump, gaskets, coil packs), but nothing exciting. Exhaust is piped through a Hush Thrush Super Turbo muffler from AutoZone. Makes it sound like a grumpy bee.
Stock except for an eight-ball shift knob that came with the truck and a JVC head unit. I also have the overhead console that went to a Blazer I used to have, which I plan to shorten so it'll mount up in my regular cab pickup for a teeny bit of extra storage, plus a neat digital compass.
Picked up the front end from a Blazer of the same year (they're a lot easier to come by). Also picked up some fender flares from a Blazer XTreme to cover the rusty bits until I can get around to patching/painting it, but realized they don't quite line up with my bumper in the front or with my bedsides, so I'll have to remove the flare from the front right fender and fix the rust properly. I plan to two-tone it, keeping the white from the door handles up and a sky blue from there down, plus mold the Chevy grille to make a custom fiberglass one with a mesh insert from corner to corner, hiding four headlights in a style similar to the General Mayhem
JVC head unit and pioneer speakers
Wheel and Tire
15" Five-spoke Chevy Blazer wheels with some used rubber to get me by until I can justify putting something nicer under it.



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