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Hank Weirauch
Light Gold for now
Found in Cedar falls iowa, now living in Colorado Mountain Community
Let me begin, my wife and son wanted to surprise me with a S-10 for my retirement. My son did a lot of research and found THE ONE located in Cedar falls Iowa. it was a 2002 very clean in appearance 153K, so they bought it AS-IS and told me about before thanksgiving. The distance turned out about nine hundred miles from our Colorado home we decided to fly out and drive the new "ride back". Started out on a Saturday flight 5:00am out of DIA. Ended up Cedar Falls Iowa,Delership by 4:00pm that Saturday. By 4:30 that afternoon my son had pulled the face of the dash off the truck and removed the standard delco am/fm cd/Cassette unit from the dash. At that time I started driving west, we had planned on about a nine hour trip and wanted to break it up between Saturday and Sunday. I was to drive the first two hours so he could work on installing the new Double Din Vanku 7 inch android system. First he cut off the plug off the old wiring harness and carefully spliced in the wires in the new harness. i was cruising down the interstate a my fast and furious pace, Let's Say 75 mph just to keep it legal since I was on a interstate. He was able to get the wiring completed and the new radio installed the point of powering it on at dusk. We, stopped for the night in Des Moine. Took off again Sunday morning at 6:30, my son started programming all the features, while I drove, me on the other hand, being much much older snoozed when he drove. We got home by 4:00pm colorado with a new old truck and a working android radio. I still need to finish installing the bck up camera and the dashcam. Planning a Full Body wrap to gloss black this summer. That's my storey and am sticking too it.
Thank you, Hank Weirauch


standard gray fabric
going to change to Vivvid Ultra Gloss Piano Black
New Vanku 7inch Android System original speakers
Standard for some leds later
yep its got one factory installed
Wheel and Tire
standard 2002 wheels going to black carbon fiber wrap soon


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