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S-10 Pick-up
purchased on 09/12/2018

this is my 4th s10 pickup. I purchased it and it had been sitting for 2 or more years. got the truck to boost off and run, drove around house in the guys yard. before rolling out to bring it home got it insured, and had to put on a starter, battery, change oil and oil filter, put back on the fan shroud, and then put all the extra parts in the back of the cab and the bed everything that would fit anyways.
while on the way home, punctured the fuel tank. rode like shit, it is lowered with torched front springs and spindles, and new tie rods, and the rear is 3 inch blocks and mono-leaf, and missing rear shocks.

worked on truck interior, got everything cleaned up (all the mouse poop and nest found in the center console). found the hole in the tank, so will be ordering a new tank if cannot find a tank in a yard or parts truck somewhere. will be tracking down some new leaf springs and coils and raising the truck back up 2 inches to low for daily driving here in Memphis....

the truck was previously owned by a teen that tore the stock interior out and swapped it with a blazer center console and seats (like putting together a jigsaw puzzle right now). was wrecked in the rear, and the bed was messed up, so a new bed and steps was put on (which is why they truck in multi-colored). and the suspension job hack is just terrible, death wobble at anything over 30mph, tires rub on any small crack in the road, and throws clouds of white smoke off the tires when rolling down the road also....

so lots to do and will add more info as I get it going back together, although I have to have it all ready and safe to drive in 2 weeks, I ride motorcycles in the good weather, but when it gets cold not gonna be able to ride my Harley in 30 degree weather for hour and a half trip one way everyday....
1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pick-up (Multi)


replaced with blazer center console and bucket front seats
tailgate handle shaved
currently radio is missing.... anyone got anything cheap for sale???
Wheel and Tire


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