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S10 ZR2
Bought this after I wrecked my Isuzu D-max.
It had been sitting for 7 years, I took it for a short test drive, bought it and drove it 940 miles home.
Of cause it started snowing heavily 20min before I left and didnt stop until 1/3 of the way.
It took over 26 hours, had to keep under 30mph for probably 200miles.
Bed cover installed a few days ago.

As it was when I picked it up.

New wheels with studded tires,
Cooper STT's isn't good on icey Swedish roads...


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Chevrolet S10 ZR2 1995
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Ripping off the heads right now, have a high HC problem that I've tried to shake.
But It's probably due to leaking valves, was hoping for something electrical, but no.
And damn, these are not made to be easy to do engine work...
Why did they pack everything electrical on top of the engine?
They could have put everything on the drivers side, but instead they literally bolted everything on the engine???
Anyways, halfway there...

It looks like I just lifted the top of the manifold, but anyone who done this know how much work it's just to get there.

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Chevrolet S10 ZR2 1995
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Comparison: I had a 2009 Isuzu D-max 3.0D before this, a great pickup but...
How can a 1995 pickup be: better winter car, runs more or less everywhere in 2wd, D-max was 4wd mode november to april.
Better ride: "European"(tight) steering feel, less bouncing suspension and impressing road handling.
Has(almost)all the stuff as a 14 year younger truck, AC, power windows, mirrors, aso.
Missing a clock and aux temp...
And the D-max hadn't: full skid plates, composite drive shafts, bilstein shocks or even work light under the hood... :)