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Blue / Silver
4WD Tahoe
2 owners before me from what I know, first one tried putting in a command start and did a hack job on the whole thing and now dash is ripped to shreds and half the wiring didn't work when I got it, and it had been in a sideswipe where the whole passenger side was replaced so that's his good side in pictures. 2nd one put on about $150 in Walmart horsepower add-ons and about $0 in anything useful, so I pulled them all off and then my dad hit a dumpster and busted the front fender and headlight bezel on the drivers side. It's way too much work to restore with the amount of work it needs but I'd rather put in the extra money on this one than sell and find a cleaner one. Too much character and memories made in it already.
1989 Chevy S10 (Blue / Silver)


Vacuum leaks. Oh god the vacuum leaks. Start needs brushes, brushes are in the parts pile I've accumulated in the backseat. Burns oil but I do all regular maintenance to keep it alive.
Hackjob command start put in (not me), broken glove box, broken rear sliding window by me, locked my keys in the truck. Missing those inserts in the little change cup thing and the space beside the 4wd shifter. Most of the weatherstripping is gone.
Rust holes allover the driver side, half ass patched a rust hole under the ext. cab portion when I was learning to weld. Broken wiper fluid spout so the hose runs over the hood and is zip tied in place. Painted the brill black and ran out of paint so it kind of looks alright. Put my thumb through the fender rust.
Bought a deck from Can-Tire for an aux input.
Wheel and Tire
Those nice stock 4wd rims that come mostly in silver with some old tires on them right now don't remember what kind and a 2nd set of the same rims with Enduro Runway MT for when I want to have fun.



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