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Blood ?,sweat ?, and beers ?
2000 v6 s10 getting a camper built into the back, then getting an ls and bags
This is my 97 s10 i v8 swapped a few years back, has a 77 350 with nv3500 5spd trans from a fullsize pickup
bagged 1984 s10 v8
I am paint matching the whole truck except for the rims.
Owned this truck since 1997. Once a pizza delivery truck
From poor to driver quality with sweat equity
Inside clean and headliner
::: My project for the last couple of years.
picked it up for 1800 bucks, and will drive this winter
‘94 S-10 LS. 4.3L, 5-Spd, Short Bed
1988 Chevy S10 Blazer - Tahoe edition