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  1. Best cat on a 4.3 V6?

    Exactly what I did. We have a little muffler shop across the street from my place of work so I took the Blazer in for a quote. $150.00 and one Magnaflow later my rig sounds and runs great.
  2. 2nd gen aftermarket dash...

    Interior Styling
    A lot of people also cover it with dash covers.
  3. ABS light on but...?

    Blazer / Bravada / Jimmy / Envoy
    Do you have an update ?
  4. Dash restoration

    Interior Styling
    I decided to just put a dash cover over the cracks.
  5. New member from SE WA

    New Members
    Hi everyone. I've been a Blazer owner for 13 years now. I haven't done any mod's on it, just keeping it running. It's a 2000 4wd LT. Standard maroon color. I've repaired or changed out things here and there. Currently looking at replacing the steering gear box and rag joint soon. I look forward...
1-5 of 5 Results