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  1. Project: MiniSuv

    Member Projects
    (y) atta boy Condog
  2. Belltech Street Performance Front shock problem

    2wd Droppin'
    Yeah, skip the washers for that. I thought about an impact too. I think grinding down some meat is the best option as well.
  3. HELP! Am I missing something here?

    2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    Also, an evap leak shouldn't have anything to do with your idling issues. Since no other codes are being thrown, and without more info on the service history of your truck, hard to tell. Could just need a tune up if it's been a while. Plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter. Could be a dirty/worn...
  4. HELP! Am I missing something here?

    2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    Likely a leak in the evap system. Anything changed recently? Did you get gas recently? Start simple: check gas cap for damage, make sure its tight, replace (they are cheap). A faulty or missing cap can throw this code. Reset code after and see if it returns. If it does, best bet is to take it in...
  5. Just picked up my first S10 XTREME

    Xtreme / ZQ8
    Yes sir. Have fun with the truck. I'd like to get back into modifying them again someday.
  6. Just picked up my first S10 XTREME

    Xtreme / ZQ8
    Nice truck. Please don't do clear tails. They're hideous. Stick with stock or like-stock with LEDs. The front lower bumper part is known as a valance. I got an aftermarket urethane one from ebay and loved it. Reminds me of the good ol' days:
  7. P0304 on a 2002 Xtreme

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    what about cleaning the injectors? I've had some gunked up ones in the past. Took em out and cleaned them and it resolved the issue.
  8. 2.2 engine oil leak

    2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    Yes https://www.s10forum.com/threads/help-need-part-for-oil-fill-tube-grommet.566169/
  9. Project: Static '94

    Member Projects
    glad to see you got some fun out of it. Lookin forward to the blazer build (y)
  10. Holiday Greetings!

    S10 / S15
    Merry Chrimbus, ya dingus.
  11. Word game 2015 anyone?

  12. What did you do to your S10/Sonoma/Hombre Today?. V3

    S10 / Sonoma
    I thought I would move on. Still here. Still buying these friggin trucks. I did new pads and shoes today. Lots of rain lately in the 'couve, glad to have a garage.
  13. The Space Blue Blazer

    Member Projects
    Glad to see you're still at it. Any links to your record stuff?
  14. Random Cell Phone Pictures 2019

    That's right up the road from me. Very cool.
  15. Random Cell Phone Pictures 2019

    I haven't caught on to the 'couve thing yet lol. Either works for me.
  16. Random Cell Phone Pictures 2019

    very cool
  17. Random Cell Phone Pictures 2019

    Vancouver/Portland is pretty nice right meow.
  18. Howdy! See my pics :)

    New Members
    Welcome. Looks like he added that Jomacha shake additive.
  19. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Chrimbus
  20. Random Cell Phone Pictures 2018

    i miss those numbers
1-20 of 489 Results