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  1. Latest Pics

    LSx Discussion
    Latest Picture of my old truck. The owner had it in his shop changing the oil. Says it runs great. He was in Flint Michigan, ran into some friends and then entered the truck in a GM Engineering car show. He said that the rear quarter stripes was the only mod he's made
  2. Latest Pics

    LSx Discussion
    I'll give him a call and ask for some updated pictures.
  3. LSX T56 1st Gen MPG BEAST - Need Wisdom! Help me make this a budget build!

    LSx Discussion
    Weight reduction. Use an aluminum block. This is from a friend several years ago. You guessed it, an all aluminum Buick Rainier 5.3L. I got so much $hit for destroking the 5.3L I knew exactly what I wanted and went for it with great results. I started with a 2005 5.3L from the Rainier that...
  4. Petro's Project ERL Superdeck 427 with TVS2300

    LSx Discussion
    Hey Buddy, dang, I'm late to this party, but WOW. I'm glad you made it through that wreck. I vehicle is just a possession that can be replaced. Glad to see you are doing ok. Phil
  5. 402 Sleeper S10 - For Grabs

    LSx Discussion
    Sure hated to see you sell your truck, but it sounds like a win/win for both you and the new owner!
  6. 4.3l vortec at the end of its life at 108k miles

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    This thread has migrated to an area not seen on this forum. I'm going to close it for comments until the Admin can review it.
  7. Cat converter mishap

    Go with the Rock Auto converter...
  8. 5.3 Turbo Sonoma

    LSx Discussion
    Keep track of all the parts and modifications required and post them up with pictures. They will benefit the "next guy".
  9. 2000 s10, LT1 swap

    V8 Discussion
    This will provide you with an idea of what will need to be done. http://www.jagsthatrun.com/Pages/Chevrolet_S-10_Chapter1-24.html#blazer
  10. Blazer won't turn over at all. Battery isn't dead.

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    Rhotpursuit.....we were typing at the same time. funny
  11. Blazer won't turn over at all. Battery isn't dead.

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    Clean you cables, examine your cables for broken strands between the battery clamp and the cable. Also check the frame ground where the battery cable connects. Sounds like something "moved". Is your battery secured in the tray?
  12. 2001 s-10 keeps switching into 4wd

    Transmission & Rearend
    I used to have a 2001 ZR2 Extended cab S10 that had issues with 4WD. First thing I did was replace every rubber vacuum line associated with the drivetrain. That fixed some of them. I also had to replace the 4WD actuator under the battery tray. It had a large vacuum leak. The vacuum ball...
  13. Will my truck handle like crap with V8?

    V8 Discussion
    The block is the same exterior physical size. What vehicle did the pan come out of? Is it a rear sump? Does it have a short "length" sump or a long one? What mounts are you using? On my 86 Blazer 2WD, I used the stock pans on two engine swaps. A 5.0 TBI out of a Firebird and a 5.7 TPI out...
  14. Will my truck handle like crap with V8?

    V8 Discussion
    Keep it on topic.
  15. 4x4 Sonoma 5.3 swap and NV3500

    LSx Discussion
    Did you read up on swaps in the sticky section? Most of your questions are answered in there.
  16. Freaking Spammers

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I try to delete and ban these as soon as I see them. Seems like they are hitting this section almost daily.
  17. Flaco's twin turbo 5.3 Sonoma

    LSx Discussion
    Just wow!
  18. Selling an LSX truck?

    LSx Discussion
    I was offered $8,000 for mine.....
  19. Which manifolds...

    LSx Discussion
  20. New Here

    LSx Discussion
    Welcome to the site! There are a lot of build in here and some good information in the Sticky's at the top of this section. There are several 8.8 builds in the suspension section, there are some 4 links, traction bar and ladder bar setups. Many different combos Phil
1-20 of 467 Results