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  1. Little sisters wreck

    Wrecked Rides
    good that shes alright...thats the worse hit ive seen on one of these cars...
  2. I smell another fullsize, bodydropped and doored 454 SS

    Member Rides
    sick ss man, always wanted one of these
  3. The Word Game vol. III

  4. so im looking for a little feedback

    Xtreme / ZQ8
    2.2 auto, im gonna go for 7000 and hope for the best
  5. so im looking for a little feedback

    Xtreme / ZQ8
    its says 5500 approx, im thinking about 7000 or so, think thats a long shot?
  6. so im looking for a little feedback

    Xtreme / ZQ8
    I have a 2000 xtreme ls standard cab fleet side. gots 78000 on the clock, lowered with the beltech 2/3 drop. intake/exhuast, newer zq8s and a cowl hood, tinted windows, and fully debadged for the clean look. the good, the truck is so mechanically sound its unreal, great on gas, paints amazing...
  7. Figured id thow some pics up

    Member Rides
    love your truck
  8. 1st gen S10 with 20" Centerline - california series smoothies

    2wd Droppin'
    red dime is sick as hell, im kinda jealous not gonna lie
  9. Looking to buy a Chevy S10

    Xtreme / ZQ8
    my 2.2 xtreme doesnt have disc in the back, but i know most of the 4.3 xtremes do
  10. How much u pay to get ur hoods painted?

    Exterior / Paint
    no joke, mine got painted for free, but my buddy did it, but for being black it turned out damn good. but i did have a local body shop give me an est, and they said about 235.00 bucks, which i didnt think was bad, being its a harwood hood, it didnt need any work and it fit perfect. alot of...
  11. Stop Using Tow Hitch Balls!!!!

    where the **ck can i get an s10forum sticker for my truck to rep??? and no lie, ida probably just pulled a pit on his a**
  12. need piece for throttle body (butterfly)

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    so i need a new butterfly for the throttle body on my 98 zr2 cause i tried to do the diffuser delete and ****ed mine up :(, so if any one has one i could get some how let me know, just throw me a pm. and i searched the junkyards but no one will let me pull one off a good motor and all that...
  13. Help Me With My Front End.

    Exterior / Paint
    Re: S10 Valence http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/LOWER-VALANCE-chevrolet-S-10-98-04-front-truck-02-03_W0QQitemZ370122317708QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories?hash=item370122317708&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245&_trkparms=72%3A543%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318 thats the one you want
  14. Help Me With My Front End.

    Exterior / Paint
    Re: S10 Valence just search on ebay for front valance for s10, youll need one that clips under the bumper, my 98 is an ls and has the lower front valance, but like my moms blazer is an ls and sits on top the bumper, just make sure you get the one that connects below the bumper
  15. What brought you to the forum

    i came here cause it seems this site has the most to offer anyone that has an s10, and even questions about other vehicles people may own. The threads are always interesting and funny and i just really enjoy having a place to turn when i need to ask a question. Plus its got it all, sweet pics to...
  16. Happy Holidays guys :)

    LSx Discussion
    Merry Christmas To All, And Have A Great New Year Also!!!
  17. intake manifold gasket

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    so heres my issue. my 98 s10 4.3 votec is losing antifreeze. seems to me that it is coming from around the intake manifold. my first question, is that even possible. the antifreeze trickles down the back of my engine and looking around there seems to be alot sitting up along the top of the valve...
  18. My 98 s-10

    Member Rides
    clean but could use a nice drop, i like it
  19. My 03 s10 ext cab

    Member Rides
    yea, the truck looks good btw :D
  20. My 03 s10 ext cab

    Member Rides
    i might be mistaken here, but the two bolts on the top of the inner fender well i believe hold the abs unit and such in place. so you would have to relocate that. i never took mine out, but i didnt have any issues really
1-20 of 31 Results