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  1. What happened?

    I don't have a membership.
  2. What happened?

    I don't even know wtf is going on here now, what a mess. If they wanted us to leave, they should have just said so.
  3. Community Software Update

    Community Help
    Do my pics load now?
  4. HOW TO: Use Search Button (56k sorry...)

    Maybe it was because we were getting ready to elect Obama into the White House? Just a guess from 11 years ago.
  5. Truck porn

    Basically what I was going to say, they would rather build vehicles in their video games/phones than do it in real life. Last time I looked at a magazine rack, the only custom vehicle magazines still in business were classic truck and lowrider. Didn't realize Super Chevy was still around. So...
  6. Why Mazda adds on a Chevrolet themed forum?

    Loving the new non related click bait type topic links at the top of every page now, NOT!!! This place is going down the pooper!
  7. TEXAS METAL on the velocity channel

    He is going to be at the Car Show that I met Dave Kindig at last year (where I got 1st for my SS :laugh: ), this year. Not sure if I can get off work though. edit: Just noticed he wont be there till an hour after the show gets over, scratch that I guess.
  8. just announced New GMC syclone

    Since those are closer to full sizes than S10's, should have made a SS572. >:)
  9. Random Cell Phone Pictures 2019

    One thing I miss about Denver, one day you get 3 feet of snow, the next day it is 70 and gone! Up here in wasteland Wyoming, I still have 2 feet of snow in my front yard from October (winter here is September to May), luckily all we got from that storm that pummeled Colorado and Wyoming today...
  10. Post your Vanity plates

    Here is one of mine, let me know if it shows up, last few months this site wont show pics from my website.
  11. It snowed last night...

    Must be the sequel to Corvette Summer Corvette Winter!!
  12. My new cream puff!!!

    Blazer / Jimmy / Bravada
    I have a much different word than "Stylish" for lowering a 4x4 OP - sweet find, I am jealous!
  13. Most Ridiculous finds on Craigslist volume II

    I wish Ebay would do that, you cant find any vehicle specific parts without having to wade through all the generic parts listed to fit every vehicle ever made.
  14. What - The - Hell

    They are showing up for me, the avatars weren't showing for me either for the last few months but they are now. Is this pic visible? I posted it a while back and nobody could see it.
  15. What - The - Hell

    LOL, the reason why I hardly come here much lately, seems like most cant see my pics here that work fine on every other website I post them on and I cant see a lot of others pics. Not sure what the change was as everything worked fine till a few months ago.+ Even though as posting this, I...
  16. Random Picture Thread!

  17. Vote in Our Reader’s Choice Car of the Year Survey to Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card

    Forum News
    LOL, 4 topics down, it was $1000 last year ps, this section blows!>:)
  18. Random Cell Phone Pictures 2018

    They need to fix whatever is wrong with this website, I have had my webpage for over 12 years and it hasn't been a problem till a couple of months ago, I cant see a lot of other peoples pics, like the very first pic Rhotpursuit posted on this page, all the reply thread commands don't show up or...
  19. Random Cell Phone Pictures 2018

    Well, going to try this again and will put the pic links under the pics. Entered my first car show today in 14 years in Riverton, Wyoming (90 miles from home) http://www.chevymetalhead.net/trucks/wrcshow/1.jpg http://www.chevymetalhead.net/trucks/wrcshow/2.JPG Last month, got to see Chip...
1-20 of 489 Results