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  1. Gov Loc / 8.5

    Transmission & Rearend
    It basically sucks as a differential... It acts mostly like an open differential until wheel spin occurs. Then it engages & starts to lock up. Unfortunately depending on the amount of load on the rear at this time, it can work nicely or spit parts. I've actually seen one break by spinning...
  2. Battery from hell = /

    TECH Exchange Discussion Area
    Those 2 are are NOT grounds. Grounds will never be fused & that is the power terminal at the alternator The fusible links in them clearly define them as power carrying conductors. Those are the 2 main power feeds for the harness. If you ohm them out, you may get continuity to ground because...
  3. Rhotpursuit

    I can't wait to respond to this thread next year... lol.
  4. Largest 18's possible on Xtreme

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    5/8" longer lower joint? What kind of wheel backspace are you running? I'm assuming with a 17" wheel, you have a bigger limitation with back space than a larger diameter wheel. What is your fender height?
  5. Largest 18's possible on Xtreme

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I forgot to mention the fact it was a pickup. Xtreme pickup, would like about 1" additional drop over the factory ZQ8 setup. Good to hear.... I'm hoping you mean on the front. What is your current height? Do you have dropped spindles? I'm assuming you need something to get enough wheel to upper...
  6. Largest 18's possible on Xtreme

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    After reading about 400 threads & stickies.... which say a 255 is about max front tire size, I'm looking for info from those running larger sizes. I know Harley has 315's in front but different inner fenders. Anyone running 295's or 305's in the front? What mods/concessions did you have to...
  7. #1 cylinder DEAD! Why?

    LSx Discussion
    A good read for anyone wanting to learn something. Tetrachloroethylene
  8. #1 cylinder DEAD! Why?

    LSx Discussion
    Many of the chemicals used in brake cleaners can break down into poisonous chemicals in the presence of excess heat. Find another substance to use instead of potentially having to deal with cancer or organ failure in the future. A Harbor Freight heat gun is only about $25.
  9. Performance and Modding capability of an S10 vs. Full Size Chevy Pickup

    I have done some performance work on full size 1500's. The 99-02 style is rather cheap & already comes with an LS engine. Headers/exhaust are cheap & readily available. Drop spindles & suspension parts are easy to get also. They come with a 8.5 10 bolt rear in the 1/2 tons & can easily swap a...
  10. 317

    LSx Discussion
    What is your compression calculating out to?
  11. UMI front suspension kit

    Performance Suspension
    I was looking at C6 Z06 brakes, but Wilwood also has a nice setup for a similar price once you calculate the cost of the rear setup with E-brake.
  12. Help I’m new

    Sound and Security
    The retained accessory power function should automatically shut off in approx 5 minutes. Check to see this is working by watching it for a few minutes after turning off the ignition. This function is disabled by opening a door.... as said above, if your driver door switch is not working, then...
  13. 1-1/4" solid vs 33mm Xtreme sway bar

    Steering & General Suspension
    I thought 1-1/4" aftermarket sway bar tech belonged under the performance suspension category.
  14. 1-1/4" solid vs 33mm Xtreme sway bar

    Steering & General Suspension
    Does anyone have the rate information on the factory bar for comparison to a 1-1/4" solid bar? UMI rates the 1-1/4 solid at 530 lb/in deflection.
  15. Stainless Works Header Fitment

    LSx Discussion
    I'm running a T-56.
  16. Ls heads

    LSx Discussion
    You should always use some type of steel shim under the spring on aluminum heads. Anyone installing aftermarket springs should also shim each spring to equalize installed height. I would recheck the work to be sure things are correct.
  17. UMI front suspension kit

    Performance Suspension
    That price just pushed me over the edge.... Amazon Prime puts them here Friday
  18. Picked Up A Very Clean S10 - 6.0 or 5.3 Is The Question.

    Member Rides
    When in doubt, go large. Stock 5.3 vs. 6.0 they have approx the same HP (unless you have a LQ9 or LS2 car 6.0), but the 6.0 has more torque & will easily make more power normally aspirated if you do some head/cam work. If you want mileage stay stock or 5.3...
  19. UMI front suspension kit

    Performance Suspension
    After our previous discussions, I was leaning toward this kit. It appears that the shocks are now a true coil over in their complete kit & not a hybrid type conical spring. I really wanted to go with the AFX spindle, but I'm having a hard time spending $1700 on a set of spindles. Besides better...
  20. Stroker kit

    LSx Discussion
    & realize the "short Stroke" 5.3 has a 3.62" stroke which is larger than an old school 350.
1-20 of 55 Results