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  1. New Burban

    Member Rides
    Thanks guys! I am trying to build it for my dad because it was going to get sold ad it was sitting in the barn.. I didnt want to see that happen to it. My dad is not getting atound as good as he used to so all i want is for him to see it done basically. One them things you woulda thought never...
  2. New Burban

    Member Rides
    Well guys it has been a while since I have been on here to post anything, gone completely out of the S10 scene for now. Coming back to give you guys a little bit of an update on what I have been up to for anyone who cares.. lol. I still got my 99 Hugger Orange Z28 and my Suburban. I haven't done...
  3. Most AWESOME 5 star thread ever!!

    Exterior / Paint
    I like the look of both the trucks. As others have said, the blue needs a little bit of contrast to it, but I would still rock it!
  4. Post up BEFORE, MIDDLE, and AFTER pics!

    Baggin' It
    Ok I am done. :D:D:D
  5. 22" Boss 335s (set of 5)

    He done got rid of them back on the 13th.
  6. New Burban

    Member Rides
    I was hoping it had the barn doors but it doesn't. Not sure how hard it be to convert it to the split doors. I will probably just keep it the way it is though.
  7. Finally starting 91 350 TBI swap

    Member Projects
    Looks like you got a good start. Goodluck with it! Guessing you plan on keeping it TBI?
  8. the cripples xcab

    Member Rides
    Agreed. A drunk driver got me on my motorcycle too.
  9. New Burban

    Member Rides
    No I did not. Probably the best part about the interior was the 12" monitor molded into the dash. That thing was awesome for watching TV on.. haha
  10. New Burban

    Member Rides
    He buys and sells his. I was going to buy his Boss 335s off him, but I am tired of running wheel adapters SO I decided I did not want them. This is the first set of Boss 338s I have ever owned and I like them. I have a set of Boss 304s in the garage too, but overplayed I think. Yeah I had the...
  11. New Burban

    Member Rides
    I am actually waiting on my shock extenders to come in due to lack of someone putting them on there so the shocks are bottomed out until Tuesday.
  12. New Burban

    Member Rides
    It is going to stay static FOR SURE. lol
  13. New Burban

    Member Rides
    Im gonna miss my s10s..especially 1st gens. I plan to just run the wheels off of it basically lol. I may do an axle flip kit sometime down the road, but otherwise i plan to just rock it!
  14. New Burban

    Member Rides
    Well guys.. I never thought the day would come that I would say that I am slowly getting out of s10's, BUT I am saying it. I sold my 2003 Xtreme couple weeks ago to a guy up in Jacksonville, IL. I took the money to pay some bills and buy me a beater so I don't have to drive my Hugger Orange z28...
  15. Another v8 swap

    S10 / S15
    Looks like your motor is finally starting to come together!
  16. Not a S10, but.. lots of Pics of build:D

    Baggin' It
    New Wheels :D:D:D
  17. What did you get your truck for Christmas?

    I have to get a new cowl hood for mine due to unfortunate events that left my cowl hood getting smashed in...
  18. New style ZQ8 wheels and tires

    You looking for any other sets of wheels??
  19. Long beds!

    S10 / S15
    Helll yea! I sold it to a guy in TN who is using the chassis for an old pickup. I still love the longbeds though for sure.
  20. Not a S10, but.. lots of Pics of build:D

    Baggin' It
    well guys as turtlekota kinda gave it away.. haha I sadly sold the silverado last week. Guy offered me decent amount of money for it so I took it, paid off some bills, and then went and got this> 1999 Hugger orange Z28 with the 6 speed 75k miles. :D:D:D From what I have read around online they...
1-20 of 484 Results