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  1. Word game 2015 anyone?

    Park Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Word game 2015 anyone?

    Electric Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  3. Hey, You! Introduce Yourself Here..

    Carolina S-Series
    welcome aboard ya'll, first time checking in on this thread in awhile.
  4. FB groups?

    Yea, it's definitely hard to be a member on any of those pages, always getting notifications for shit I don't care about and all, there was a kid asking about v4 motors when I was stalking this morning....
  5. Remember the controversial SteveHH?

  6. 2000stepside2.2

    Nebraska tailwinds have a tendency to wreak havoc on rear windshields.
  7. SteveHH

    Consumer/Member Reports
    omfg...this guy...
  8. Squeegees girl.

    good times
  9. Chillin' with my Crew...

    Member Rides
    I don't have any that I know of...lol. I have basically lost all interest in this thing. I want to go back to a 2.2 5 speed, whether it's a regular cab or extended...miss my old truck too much. I'll try to get a decent picture, I haven't even washed the damn thing in 10 months or so...
  10. How to: Chevy center cap mod on cragar soft 8's

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    old bump. but what the hell - first time I've been on in awhile. this is a great look. I'm gonna have to take this mod on, as I hate the look of my chrome cragar caps and nuts. Thanks for posting the how-to!
  11. Sending a Verizon phone in for warranty replacement

    Geek Squad Central
    Longtime, no speak guys. Got a question for you all. I got my Note 3 in mid August, everything was great the first few months, but I've had nothing but issues this year. There seems to be an antenna issue, I have a hard time accessing 4G, and once it is dropped, I have to manually turn on...
  12. Chillin' with my Crew...

    Member Rides
    yea, I'm not one to wheel and deal with vehicles...If I buy something, I'm keeping it for a damn good while..had the '98 for right at 12 years. can't see myself getting rid of this anytime soon.
  13. 93 1st gen Project Batman

    Member Projects
    he just sold his ranger about a month ago. it didn't get out much though. I think he drove it a few times a month at best. best pic i could find in a pinch...
  14. 93 1st gen Project Batman

    Member Projects
    lol, I didn't know they had scretched into SC that much, I have a buddy that lives in Taylors, and he hasn't mentioned it to me. but yea, You can't beat it for cheap fast food.
  15. Chillin' with my Crew...

    Member Rides
    I was wondering the same thing. :dunno: Almost forgot to add, that I think it'll be getting a vacuum and a bath, first time for both since the beginning of winter, also want to tweak the drivers side torsion bar a little more, it needs about 1/4 more of an inch or so to get it where I'd like...
  16. Chillin' with my Crew...

    Member Rides
    got pretty damn close to leveled with a TB crank last weekend, that's really about it.
  17. Sonoma Carbon Fiber Hood $275

    good grief. makes me wish i still had my 98. I would jump all over that.
  18. My 2001 Chevy S-10 Crew Cab in Victory Red!

    Member Rides
    nice build you've got going on. always good to see other red crewcabs on here.
  19. 1986-1993 Mazda Bumper on 1st Gen.

    Exterior / Paint
    That's a toyota bumper though, isn't it?
  20. New here from NC

    New Members
    welcome aboard!
1-20 of 438 Results