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  • damdutchman ·
    just wondering what all you did to the front of the blue 88 that you have bagged in the front. I put suicide doors bolt in bag kit in the front of mine and i have smaller then stock tires on it and the valence still doesnt touch the ground...
    littlescotty ·
    I am bagged and bodied on 18" irocs and am have trouble with my iroc's tucking in the front. I am running stock uppers. I didn't have this problem when it was just bagged. Someone on here said you can go back with stock spindles to get more camber to tuck. What have you done?
    sorry i didnt get back to you sooner bro, took a little vacation from the site. it really all depends where you want to put it. the best advise i can give you, is to put it closer to the back wall as possible. this way it wont stick straight out off of the front of the roof where it starts to slope
    1clnwhp ·
    Hows it going man, your trucks awesome. I have a few questions about your ragtop . Mine was delievered today,can't wait to get it in . I was wondering where does your rear cut fall out? Is it even with the door jams , or is the frame even with the door jams? Just wondering before i go cut the roof and mess somthing up . Any help/advice would be great thanks in advance .
    They are 20x8. They fit great! I may go wider on the back though so I can actually hook up and get some traction
    cambird ·
    hey if you dont mind me asking.what size irocs do you have.i want to put 20s irocs on my first gen and i want to make sure they will fit.maybe a 20 by 8 or9 or something.
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