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  1. Keeping grounds good/ how to tell when to replace?

    Electrical / Lighting
    Ditto. You can also cut a piece above the coated part and see if corrosion is built up through the cable. I had to replace mine when I saw that. IF you had to do that, good timing to upgrade to Big 3.
  2. LS-10 Drag Race conversion, progress made

    Member Projects
    Nice, looking forward to the progress. šŸ˜Ž

    Trucks For Sale
    Don't see much of these around. What's your asking price?
  4. Torque Convertor.

    Transmission & Rearend
    Does this includes 2.2? How long you in AZ for?
  5. $5000 for 02' Sonoma with 120k miles repaired/serviced - good price or not?

    S10 / Sonoma
    Nuieve and anyone else. Driving the vehicle directly to new owner.
  6. Idler Pulley Push Nut

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    You don't need it, you can get replacement part from any hardware store
  7. $5000 for 02' Sonoma with 120k miles repaired/serviced - good price or not?

    S10 / Sonoma
    I'm down for purchasing truck out in the West Coast and drive it to you, then fly back home. :cool:
  8. $5000 for 02' Sonoma with 120k miles repaired/serviced - good price or not?

    S10 / Sonoma
    I'm sure with enough time and patience, you can find 2 of them for price of one.
  9. Upper control arm bolts seperated from frame

    Steering & General Suspension
    Hope you got video of that jump. Re-weld is the option. But converting to Long travel is much better option
  10. The Daily

    Member Rides
    Proforged Regular Upper Balljoint 101-10019 http://proforged.mycarparts.net/products/Proforged-101-10019?product_application_id=15867417323 Proforged Tall Lower Balljoint 101-10048 http://proforged.mycarparts.net/products/Proforged-101-10048?product_application_id=15867380047 .5" drop on the...
  11. Shock extenders (front)

    It will still have same droop length as stock shock. You will hit bump stop before shock bottoms out. I'd recommend getting actual lift spring if you can afford it. Otherwise save the money until you can afford it. And the money for alignment after that.
  12. lower ball joint removal

    Steering & General Suspension
    Issue with re-installing balljoint is not being leveled/even while being pressed in. You can use hammer and tap it to even back up. Otherwise it'll go in at angle and wouldn't be installed properly. It'll take couple tries to get the hang of it.
  13. lower ball joint removal

    Steering & General Suspension
    Rent balljoint removal service from auto store. And use torch or MAPP to heat up the balljoint then press out what you can as well as hitting it dead on with a small sledgehammer.
  14. Del A Lum Bushing

    Performance Suspension
    Upper bushing #1023 kit is installed using PowerBuilt #648604 tool Installing the Kit was a breeze with the tool. Since the bushing were already worn and I installed Proforged balljoints on all control arms at the same time. It's better than it's ever been along with Bilstein shocks. I'd...
  15. Suggestions for OBD II scanners

    Electrical / Lighting
    Awesome, good to know!