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  • Tickfaw[LA]Josh ·
    Temperature fluctuates during idle but that could be from the guy holding the temp gun but I would like to hop the truck up little by little as I go I will do a couple of quarter runs with and without it
    Tickfaw[LA]Josh ·
    I have an Ebay CAI and today I had a idea of wrapping CAI with exhaust/header wrap and it lowered my intake air temp from 138F to 102-115F it fluxuates when idling but seen difference on Snap-On Modis and on TIS I even check with laser temp gun before I started it really works but doesn't look pretty.I feel a little bit better of pedal response but haven't seen a difference in MPG and is there a specification for IAT?I will post pics soon but if you can help me out if this hasn't been done before I would like to do a write up on it but with a cleaner product I'll work on making it prettier.
    mattsdime ·
    I would like to post up my track time. I gave 1999 s10 ext cab with a 4.3 mods include 4.3 bored .30 over hyperuteic(sp) pistons 270 cam, ls3 valve springs, jba headers bigger y pipe, march pulleys, kn intake, e-fan, and tuned with hptuner, stock posi unit from 4x4 blazer with 3.73 gears.
    Best time was 14.879 at 91.15 mph and a 2.117 60 foot
    Thanks for posting it up for me in the fastest n/a times section
    Times are
    grossman ·
    need help if ya can...i have 94.. s-10.. 2wd.. 2.2 on 31s...i want to regear to 4:11 gear...head winds...towing...kill me...any info or part # would be helpfull
    Jasonf1083 ·
    Your post on the Ignition Cylinder Replacement was very helpful, unfortunately, i was only replacing it because the thieves that stole the truck broke it....when i got the truck back and now have changed the cylinder....the security light is on and will start for brief time (couple seconds max) then dies..... any ideas.... aside from dealer?
    disphit ·
    Hi Boss, I have a project in the droppin it forum. It is called project. Can and will you PLEASE move it to the members projects forum and re-title it "project boomzoku"
    Sorry to bother you, this month is tight but I can donate a Year subscription may 1st.

    Nemo R0mper ·
    hey what i got a question for you. since you wrote up the 2wd lift stick will the aim 2.5 lift coils work for my truck or be too big? some people said that they would drop my suspension out. is that true?
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